Friday, June 22, 2012

Baking Class Experience - Cakes, Cookies, Puffs, Burgers etc

Thank you so much for the enormous support for the last post, I never expected that. Infact I was skeptical whether to post it or not as I thought it would be boring and now you guys have proved me wrong :)

After the great learning session, we came back the next day with the same excitement and thirst to learn more.But this time most faces were almost familiar so there were lots to catch up early morning. The 2nd day was cakes and cookies with puff making , cutlets, samosa and burgers.
Batter mixing in machine
We started the session with cake batter mixing - we had chance to see the machine mixing the batter too. The cakes baked were:
  • Plum Cake
  • Vanilla Sponge Cake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Tri color layered cake
  • Apple and Swiss Roll Cake (I cudnt click these)
All the cake batters were prepared first then weighed accurately before it was put inside each pan. All of them tasted delicious and my fav was the tricolor loaf and the plum cake. We learnt even the basics of frosting and I enjoyed piping few designs too.

Next came the cookies...we baked ragi, salt and sweet(orange flavoured) cookies. They were crispy and crunchy apt like the ones we get in bakeries.
Cutlets were made with potato and other veggies as filling for the base then  dipped in the maida batter and then rolled in breadcrumbs, shaped neatly with the cutter. The same cutlets were used for the burgers as well. Folding samosas was not tough , we could fold it easily as you can see the ones we made below.

Cutlet & Samosa
We baked the buns fresh again to use it for the burger. The buns were slitted half, butter-pepper mixtrure was applied on both sides. Once the cutlets were deep fried, they were neatly assembled on one side of the bun with raw onion and tomato as shown below.

Next came the puff making. It was a tedious task, the folding was little tricky - I was keen in watching so cudnt click the steps. But few of my friends had recorded a video of it, I'l definetly update here once I get it.
Puff making
Can you see the flaky layered puffs, yum!! I couldnt click much the 2nd day as I was busy observing.
Veg Puffs
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. OMG! I could smell the aroma of all the items :P great!

  2. OMG! I could smell the aroma of all the items :P great!

  3. am glad you are putting these posts up, they are so interesting, would love to see more classes!

  4. It's interesting to see the weighing scale & the stand mixer used.
    Sharmi, you must have been the most experienced of all students there? Considering how you much you cook and bake and post on the blog, I'm sure no one else has! :)
    Is another post on frosting and piping coming up too?

  5. @Spusht : No no not at all :) there were people from professional bakery too. This ends up the baking experience posts.... cudnt click the frosting and piping, my hands were fully piped with cream too so didnt want to mess up the camera :)

  6. WOW!!!!! Yummy!!! Cld u tell me where it was located. coz i to wanted to learn. hope it somewhere in mumbai??? BTW thanx for sharing this :)))

  7. Hey Sharmi,

    Please post the layered puff recipe. I love it and miss it from CBE.

  8. /Infact I was skeptical whether to post it or not as I thought it would be boring and now you guys have proved me wrong :)/ Sharmi,seeing only the recipes are kind of boring to me!! ;)))) Some variations here and there in the blog are interesting! :)

    Food bloggers are going to kill me, after reading my comment! Better I will runaway! hehe...:D

    Sorry girls, no offence meant! am a big time foodie too! :)))))

  9. Sharmi,
    I wish I were there with you learning and clicking pictures. I started making good cakes but I'm very very very bad at icing and piping. In-fact I made a lovely cake on my husband's birthday and spoiled it with some icing stuff:(. Post me the salt biscuit recipe please. I go mad for salt biscuits. And inippu puffs (aka coconut puffs). To know more on how much I like bakery items pls visit my mad "about me" page. Love your post!

  10. Nice post...Its really good to learn and interact...Sure that the place was a heaven with lots of freshly baked and fried aromas...Thanks for sharing this experience..

  11. @Mahi : I am happy to hear ur honest comment...I've heard the same from many of my friends too :) haha np at all

  12. Fabulous experience. Could you please let us know if they conduct any similar classes in Hyderabad too? We are eager to see your posts. Hope you will share your experiences and skills with all of us.

  13. i wonder sharmilee how you managed to click such nice photos amidst all the baking activity going on. i am really liking these baking series. i wish you could post more.

    the veg puffs with the so well puffed layers are calling me to bake them soon. if you can then do post how to make a great puff and folding them. i have always had disasters while making puffs.

  14. So we can expect more goodies here?

  15. @Suseela : I am not sure whether they conduct classes anywhere else....

    @Dassana : Puff making was a bit tricky, will have to try it myself and see

  16. Sharmi, is that possible for you provide their conduct number? I could check with them if they have any plans to conduct classes in future

  17. @Priya : Sorry,I dont have their contact number....check agriuniv website, they might have it.

  18. Wow Sharmi! Lucky you... I envy!

  19. yes do try sharmilee.... i am sure you will be able to manage it.

  20. Wow ,this is very interesting. Waiting to see baking goodies from you.

  21. WOW u people made all these yummy things. I have just subscribed to your site.I do love to bake yeast stuff but still just starting out.

  22. Hai,i have started to blog,i don't know anything about it.pls help me.I have tried ur intant oats dosai,aloo curry.both came well.thanks for all the details about oven,baking,etc.

  23. Hi Sharmi,please post the recipe of the cookies,it is really colorful & looks yummy

  24. Hi Sharmila, Awesome pics and it looks so colorful and mouth watery! Liked all ur recipe,with the step-by step cooking with pics:)thanks so much! i tried few of ur recipe and it turned out to be gr8;)

  25. Hi

    Please help me on how make fresh cream icing. How do i whip amul cream and what whipper should i buy ?

    1. I havent tried frosting with fresh cream, so sure to post it here soon.

  26. Hi Sharmi, you have a beautiful bolg, with tempting recipes, I am presently in hyderabad for a very short period of time and would like to join the bakery course- the one which you have attended, could u plz provide me with details on it as well as any other interesting courses in hyderabad that you could suggest...I love Food....and cooking too :) , thanks


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