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Sathu Maavu Laddu Recipe / Millets Health Mix Laddo - Easy Diwali Sweets

Sathu Maavu Laddu Recipe
I wanted to post atleast one healthy recipe for this Diwali which we can have it guiltfree so this is my choice, Sathu Maavu Ladoo.Last year I posted a baked version of cornflakes mixture and this year it is this easy and healthy ladoo.I havent used sugar instead chose the healthier option of using palm jaggery.You can replace it with normal jaggery too.

Check out other ladoo recipes that I've posted ealier.

So this is my closure of this Diwali 2014, see you all with few more interesting recipes next week, yes need a small break :)

I have another exciting news to share :) I got featured in The Hindu on Saturday(18/10/14) as a part of Diwali special, Check the article in the media mention page.
Sathu Maavu Laddu Recipe

Sathu Maavu Ladoo Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Makes : 12
Recipe Category: Sweets | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Sathu Maavu(Health Mix Powder) - 1 cup
Palm Jaggery(Karupatti) - 1/3 cup
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Cardamom powder - a tiny pinch


  1. Dry roast sathu maavu for 8-10 mins until nice aroma comes and color slightly changes,Set aside.Scrap pall jaggery.How to make sathu maavu ladoo recipe - Step1
  2. Measure palm jaggery and take it in a pan, add very little water say 2 tbsp just for the jaggery to immerse well.How to make sathu maavu ladoo recipe - Step2
  3. Heat it up, when it starts to get thick switch off.Strain to impurities.See the consistency should be thick slightly thinner than honey.Cool down the syrup.
    How to make sathu maavu ladoo recipe - Step3
  4. Take roasted flour in a mixing bowl, add the palm jaggery syrup.How to make sathu maavu ladoo - Step4
  5. Mix well with a laddle.Heat ghee and add it.How to make sathu maavu ladoo - Step4
  6. Now mix well and let it rest until its warm enough for you to handle with your hands.Then shape them into laddos.
    How to make sathu maavu ladoo - Step4
Store in an airtight container and enjoy your ladoos.
Sathu Maavu Laddu Recipe

My Notes:

  • While roasting sathu maavu powder take care not to burn it...keep stirring continuosly.
  • Add ghee little by little and mix well, this way you can control the amount of ghee too.
  • If you want more ghee flavour in your ladoos then add 1/4 cup.But 2 tbsp is just to shape the ladoos.
  • You can replace palm jaggery with normal jaggery too.
  • Heating up ghee and adding is to shape the ladoos easily and it holds its shape well.But mix well with spatula and then handle with your hands only when its warm.
  • It keep well for more than a week.
  • The color of the ladoo purely depends on the color of health mix powder.I used homemade health mix powder, you can use store bought powder too.
  • I had cardamom powder already in the health mix so didn't add it while making ladoos.
Sathu Maavu Laddu Recipe
Written by: SHARMILEE J
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seepu Seedai Recipe - Diwali Special Recipes

Seepu Seedai Recipe
Seepu Seedai is a Chettinad Special murukku also called as Seepu Murukku.I've grown up eating chettinad snacks like athirasam, thenkuzhal murukku and seepu seedai.When we visit our native town Karaikudi it is a must for us to buy a pack of all these chettinad special snacks and if my mama visits us he brings a pack too.This is a authentic chettinad special recipe which I got from my athai, I referred my chettinad cookbook too.

I have helped amma just for rolling seepu seedai during my school days and I wanted to try this and post it here but all these days I didn't have the proper achu(seepu murukku press) so kept delaying.The seepu murukku press amma gave me  was slightly twisted so the seepu seedai tapes were not even, my perimma had sent me the press last week and yesterday I gave it a try....I was so surprised that I got the tapes perfect that even amma appreciated me...happy me :)

Seepu Seedai Recipe

Check other muruku recipes here :
1.Thenkuzhal murukku
2.Butter Murukku
3.Maida Mullu Murukku
4.Pottukadalai Murukku
5.Potato Murukku
6.Rava Murukku
7.Wheat Flour Murukku
I have given the steps and detailed instructions so that its easy for beginners to try it. I have also included alternate method for those who don't have the seepu seedai press mould by using a unused new comb. The process of making seepu seedai is sure time consuming so plan your day accordingly....but at the end of the day am sure its worth the effort....I love the flavour of coconut milk the best in this seepu seedai.If you ask me, I didnt find any difficulty to make it single handedly..the only thing is it takes time but I loved the making was fun :)
Seepu Seedai Recipe

Seepu Seedai Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 40 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Makes : 15 small murukku
Recipe Category: Snack | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Raw Rice - 1 cup
Whole Urad Dal - 1/4 cup
Fried Gram Dal - 1/8 cup
Thick Coconut Milk - 1/2 cup
Butter - 2 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - to deep fry
Hot Water - as required

Measures using ReadyMade Flour:

Rice Flour - 1 cup
Urad Dal Flour(roast & ground) - 1/4 cup
Fried Gram Dal Flour(roast & ground) - 1/4 cup
Thick Coconut Milk - 1/4 cup
Butter - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - to deep fry
Hot Water - as required


  1. First rinse the raw rice twice, and soak it in water for 1 hour. Drain water completely and then spread the raw rice in a soft towel and allow it to dry say for 30-45mins.It will be slightly moist only.Then transfer this to a mixer.How to make rice flour at home - Step1
  2. Grind it to a fine powder in a mixie in batches.Then sieve it. If you find small balls break and sieve it.How to make rice flour at home - Step2
  3. Take coconut in a mixer, add little water and grind it.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step3
  4. Now extract coconut milk, use a strainer to do this.Then dry roast urad dal till golden brown.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step4
  5. Cool down and transfer urad dl to a mixer and grind it a fine powder,Set aside.Take fried gram dal in a mixer.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step5
  6. Grind it to a fine powder and Sieve both the flours together.Discard the rava mixture and collect the sieved flour alone.Heat coconut milk for a minute till it gets hot, don't boil just heat it up.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step6
  7. Take rice flour,urad dal flour and fried gram dal flour in a mixing bowl, add salt and butter mix well with your hands.Then add hot coconut milk little by little.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step7
  8. Add hot water if coconut milk isnt enough.Form a smooth nonsticky dough without any cracks.Take your seepu seedai press...Now fill the murukku press with little dough.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step8
  9. Now start pressing them into long tapes then cut them into small strips(around 10 cm) on a big board or your kitchen counter.I used my wooden board.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step9
  10. Join the ends of the strips around your forefinger to make cylinders like shown below.Gently remove it and place it.Repeat the same till the entire dough gets over.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step10
  11. Heat oil, to check if the oil is hot just add a pinch of the dough....if it raises immediately then oil is ready...Now carefully add the prepared seepu seedai's  may be 6-7 at a time and fry till golden brown.Drain in tissue paper.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step11
  12. This is an alternate method if you dont have the seepu seedai press....but this method using comb is sure time consuming.First grease the board with oil...take a small portion of dough and roll it to 2mm thikness...then  use a new unused comb and press it slightly so that the impression is on the thumb.Cut into strips and roll it as mentioned before.
    How to make seepu seedai - Step12
Cool down then store in an airtight container.

Seepu Seedai Recipe

Ready to munch seepu seedai for this Diwali?! :)
Seepu Seedai Recipe

My Notes:

  • Homemade flours can be made in advance and stored.
  • The dough should not be runny and should not be dry.If its dry sprinkle little water and then mix it again.
  • You can replace butter with ghee too, use the same measure mentioned.
  • If the dough is little loose then you will not be able to press long tapes, it will start to break in between in that case sprinkle little more rice flour and mix well to get a smooth nonstick dough.
  • It took me around 1.5 hrs to complete for 1 cup measure so I understand it takes time so plan accordingly.But the time includes clicking the steps and videoshoot also :)
  • Sieving the flours is really important, if there are any grainy particles then it will get stuck to the press and will be difficult while pressing.
  • I used homemade flours.You can use readymade flours too but use the 2nd ingredient measure for it.
  • Coconut milk will not be enough for the entire flour, so add hot water.
  • Cook in low medium flame and regulate heat as and when it goes high / low.
  • The seedais grow in size while getting fried so just add 6-7 at a time and fry in batches.Don't overcrowd while frying.Carefully flip over to other side while frying so that it doesn't change its shape.
  • Use a big lengthy board or a big plate so that you can press lengthy tapes.Just press 3-4 tapes at a time, them cut and make roundels then continue pressing.If you press more the tapes will become dry and tend to break.
Seepu Seedai Recipe
Written by: SHARMILEE J
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Easy Rasmalai Recipe - Instant 15-min Rasmalai

Rasmalai Recipe
Rasmalai is a rich indian delicacy, Rasmalai is my favorite eversince I tasted it from Annapoorna GowriShankar.Even now whenever we dine there, I end up with this rasmalai for dessert.Sometimes I even order some light dinner and reserve my tummy for this rasmalai :) I usually make rasmalai this way, but have always wondered about the taste in sweet shops / restaurants....So I tried a instant version with store bought mini rasgullas and condensed milk and it turned out super yum....It was just perfect! I am sure this easy version can be made when you have guests at home or during festive occasions when you have other works to do so perfect for Diwali time too! :)

I loved this terracotta bowl when I saw it in a supermarket....I picked it up at once and the first thing that came to mind was to click rasmalai :)

Check homemade rasgullas recipe and bread rasmalai recipe that I posted earlier.
Rasmalai Recipe

Rasmalai Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Rasgullas - around 15
Milk - 1 cup
Condensed milk - 1/2 cup
Chopped Nuts(pista,cashews and badam) - 2 tbsp+ 1 tsp for garnish
Saffron - 3 to 4 strands
Cardamom powder - a pinch(optional)


  1. Take a pan - add condensed milk to it, add a tbsp of milk and whisk it well.Now add remaining milk and let it boil in medium flame for 5mins. Keep stirring.Crush saffron strands and add it.The color of milk will change to slightly yellow color, after saffron is added, let it boil for a minute.
    How to make rasmalai - Step1
  2. Then add chopped nuts, cardamom powder give a quick mix and let it boil.Now take your rasgullas.I used store bought rasgullas this time.
    How to make rasmalai - Step2
  3. Take lemon squeezer and squeeze the excess sugar syrup from the rasgullas.Be gentle else the rasgullas will crumble.Now add the rasgullas to the milk and let it simmer for 5mins in low flame.Switch off.
    How to make rasmalai - Step3
Cool down for few mins, then refrigerate for atleast an hour.Serve chilled!

Rasmalai Recipe

My Notes:

  • You can also use store bought rasgullas, tinned ones are easy to reach - Haldirams works best.I got it from a sweet shop.
  • Dont use saffrons more, it will be over powerful and will spoil the taste.
  • The addition of condensed milk not only makes the rasmalai rich but extra tasty and gives a unique flavour to it.
  • I didnt add sugar as the sweetness in condensed milk and the rasgullas were just perfect for me.
  • Allow atleast 30mins sitting and refrigerating time before serving to taste best.
Rasmalai Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J
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Diwali Sweets Recipes, Diwali Snacks Recipes - 65 Diwali Recipes

Diwali Sweets Recipes,Diwali Snacks Recipes,Diwali Recipes,Diwali Special Recipes -Here is the compilation of Diwali easy sweets recipes and savoury snacks recipes. Diwali Sweets Recipes include gulab jamun,badusharava laddu,laddo recipes, halwa recipesrasgullarasmalai, poli, mysore pak, murukku, thattai,traditional sweets etc.
Preparation Time varies from : 40 mins to 60 mins
[NOTE : timing varies for each recipe]
Recipe Category:  Sweets & Savory Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian


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Written by: SHARMILEE J
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