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Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe - How to make easy aloo gobi paratha

Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe
Aloo Paratha is quite common in our house as mittu loves it so does hubby and me. When I made aloo gobi masala I got this idea of making paratha with aloo and gobi...Googled around to find that there already existed such a paratha combination...but I made like aloo paratha with slight variations.  Check out more paratha recipes here.
I have regular readers asking for tips to roll stuffed parathas even after posting the stepwise and video so thought of trying this type of rolling which amma usually does for making sweet beetroot chapathi...sticking 2 parathas and then rolling...It is sure easy comparatively so do try and let me know.
Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe
Last weekend my uncle and brother were here and I was skeptical about serving the first trial of this paratha but to my surprise both of them gave a thumbs up to it :) And the lil one had it without complaints and said she wants it often...happy mother :))
Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe

Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins / toast | Makes : 6 parathas
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: North Indian

Wheat Flour - 2 cups + extra for dusting
Oil / Ghee - to toast
Salt - to taste

For the stuffing:

Potato(Aloo) - 2 medium sized(comes to 1 cup after mashing)
Cauliflower(Gobi) florets - 1/2 cup
Ajwain / Jeera - 3/4 tsp
Ginger green chilli paste - 1/2 tsp 
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Red Chilli powder - 3/4 tsp
Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
Chat Masala powder - 1/4 tsp

Note : For ginger green chilli paste - take half green chilli and 1/2 inch ginger piece and crush it coarsely.


  1. In a wide mixing bowl add wheat flour, salt and first give a quick mix for salt to be even. Then add water( you can even use the drained radish water)little by little, gather to form a soft pliable dough.Once it is gathered to a mass add 1/2 tsp oil and knead it once.The dough should not be too tight or too loose, it should be non sticky at this stage.Allow it to rest for a while until we prepare the stuffing.Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe - Step1
  2. First add the gobi florets in salted warm water to get rid of the worms then cook it until soft.While the gobi cooks,pressure cook aloo for 4 whistles, peel off the skin.Drain water completely, once both the veggies are cooked, mash it up with a masher.
    Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe - Step2
  3. Mash it well so that no lumps are there...Heat oil - add ajwain,gingerchilli paste, then add mashed aloo and gobi along with turmeric,red chilli, coriander powders and required salt.Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe - Step3
  4. Mix well and cook for 3mins in low flame.Add chat masala powder, give a quick stir and switch off.Add coriander leaves and mix well.Flour the surface and roll out 2 parathas of same size as shown below.
    How to make kambu koozh - Step4
  5. On one paratha place 2 spoon fulls of aloo gobi filling. Now close it with another paratha....Press the edges and seal it with your fingers to avoid the filling oozing out.Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe - Step5
  6. Now slowly roll them into thin/ thick parathas of your choice... dust flour then and there to avoid sticking.Heat a dosa pan and carefully transfer the paratha, flip to other side, drizzle oil and cook till both the sides has golden spots.Repeat the same with remaining dough.Brush with ghee while serving.How to make kambu koozh - Step5
Serve hot with curd and pickle or any raita of your choice.
Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe

My Notes:

  • Don't give pressure while rolling.Dust flour then and there when required.
  • Make sure there is no moisture in the veggies else rolling will be tough.
  • Roll it thick or thin as per your preference but make sure the stuffing doesnt ooze out.
  • Adding chat masala powder at the last stage gives a nice tangy twist to the stuffing, I loved it.
  • For making any paratha keep the flame in medium and toast it to get evenly toasted.
Aloo Gobi Paratha Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Hi sharmi.. ur blog is really awesome.. generally i dnt leave in comments until i tried some of ur recipes.. ur tiffin sambar was great.. my hubby said sambar outook hotel sambar.. yesterday i tried aloo parata but just kept in hot box n ate ltr.. may b cos f tat didnt like it much.. i did sago vada too.. it was tooo gud to say.. crispy outside .. wanted to take pictures n post but couldnt resist from eating n finally nothing was left.. great work n ur pictures speaks a lot :)

  2. Lovely combination of aloo and gobi! As usual, very well explained!

  3. Hi sharmi,I love your blog.. and your photography just blows my mind off.. It really amuses me from where u get all these props in coimbatore?I am embarassed,but still out of curiosity,can you please tell me from where you got these blue plates and blue basket??

    1. Np at all Thangalakshmi...My friend gifted me that blue plate its from westside but I saw that here in BrookFields Mall westside too...and the bucket is from @Home :)

    2. Thanks a lot for the info.So nice of you!

  4. Hi Sharmi;
    I have tried a few of your recipes and they have all come out good.
    Can I try to roll these parathas like the aloo paratha which you have posted earlier?

  5. Hi Sharmi,
    Hope you are doing well.. Wow.. in these years,you have such a collectible of recipes. How nice !
    Paratha's are my favourite.. and we have them regularly every week.. this is such a flavorable combo.

    I m returning to blogging after two years. Please do visit my space , when time permits.

    Sandhya's Kitchen

  6. Lovely parathas. Nice combination of aloo and gobi.. Looks yumm

  7. Sharmi, the photos are amazing as usuall.... Is there a post on how you make the chappatis/rotis/parathas in round shape? I never get that, and your pics always show your rotis in perfect circle shape. I admit I am a fan, and would love a tutorial on that if you don't mind.

    1. Thank you so much Navya! Sure will try to click a video and post here when I am confident enough to do it :)

  8. can I add pav bhaji masala instead of chat masala???

  9. Today I will try aloo and gobi paratha

  10. Today I will try aloo and gobi paratha

  11. Hi Sharmilee, ve been following your recipes for years now ( atleast say 4 yrs now ), and everytime i make a dish, i refer your blogs for tips ..
    Tried the Channa Biriyani recently and it was just too good...Your passion is really mind blowing ...Thanks


  12. Hi Sharmi
    Am a huge fan of your recipes..Till time I have tried your vegetarian manchurian chilli paneer chilli paratha paneer bhurji paneer tikka masala and all rice recipes with minor customizations according to our taste and all came out so yummy dat my husband and kiddo loves them so much..Keep posting more varieties.. Today going to make this paratha and also going to try your eggless cakes and pasteries soon..


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