Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lemon Rice,Paruppu Vadai,Coriander Thogayal & Vadam - Travel Lunch Idea 2

Lemon Rice,Coriander Thogayal,Masal Vadai & Vadam
We are travelling next week to Chennai and am already in the holiday mood and as a bonus we are attending a reception so am waiting to have a gala time .So am here to post a quick travel food idea. Lemon Rice(Elumichai Sadham) always reminds me of train journeys as I always see people having them. I wanted to post this travel menu with lemon rice,vadai, thogayal and sure most of us will be tempted to buy vadais in train / in stations instead pack homemade vadais...Isnt that good?!
Lemon Rice,Coriander Thogayal,Masal Vadai & Vadam

Travel Food Idea2 - Lemon Rice,Coriander Thogayal,Masal Vadai and Vadam

Preparation Time : 2 hrs | Cooking Time : 1 hr | Standing Time : 7 hrs in room temperature
Recipe Category: Travel Food | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Here is the travel idea menu 2:

Lemon Rice
Masala Vadai
Coriander Thogayal
Sago Vadam / Killu Vadam

Lemon Rice,Coriander Thogayal,Masal Vadai & Vadam

My Notes:

  • For Masala Vada - Soak dal, grind it and mix all the required ingredients and refrigerate it the previous night itself or before as per your travel plans. When you are making lemon rice just shape the vadas and fry it.
  • If you are packing everything hot hot then the best choice for packing is eversilver containers.And you can use plastic / thonai plates for serving.Or you can even pack it in banana leaf wrapped in newspaper.
  • For thogayal - you can fry all the ingredients before hand, while packing just add salt and grind it.Saute coconut till nicely browned thats the important note.
  • Use vada paruppu for making masala vadai which gives even more crispier vadas as in shops.If you dont get vada paruppu, then go ahead with chana dal as in my recipe.
  • You can even pressure cook rice, fluff it up and make it ready before hand itself.
Lemon Rice,Coriander Thogayal,Masal Vadai & Vadam

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. dear sharmi,
    i'm a HUGE fan of u since i got married recently
    i'm avidly awaiting your thakkali kulambu recipe! please post it soon, i've promised my husband that i'll make it. i've tried other recipes but they're just not right. but i know urs will surely be a hit so i'm waiting!!!
    god bless u for the great work you are doing. u are helping so many of us newly marrieds and this profession you are in is full of great blessings from God, because food is a basic human necessity! may you be safe and happy always!

  2. Dear Sharmi,

    Thanks for sharing such eye treating recipe. Reminds me of days when i used to travel as kids.
    Most of all i always have a quick glance through your recipe as they come out excellent.
    Please continue this awesome work.
    May god bless you

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