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Chapati, Channa Masala and Curd Rice - Travel Food Recipes Idea1

Chapathi, Channa Masala and Curd Rice
Most of the kids schools are coming to closure and we mothers have already started to think of ways to engage them....right?!

I was thinking to pause the kids lunchbox series for a while atleast for the 2months vacation time, meanwhile was thinking of some other series to post. Though office goers lunchbox was on demand, I was bored to do the same lunchbox series and ideas didn't strike at all...most of the menu I planned was the same as kids lunchbox.While I was discussing this with hubby he suggested to post travel food ideas as its vacation time most of them will be travelling, it will sure be useful...And I loved the thought so here I am with the travel food series...But sure to resume kids lunch box soon as I cant stay away from it for long :) Now are you ready to travel with me for this food series!? ;)

During my childhood days Chapathi Channa was our staple during most travels as I love the combo so wanted to start the series with this menu.The menu will suit both for lunch and dinner.I always like the way amma packs food for travel, even now she  is so organised and I always long to be like her atleast 50% and am still struggling :D

The giveaway results will be coming up within 2 weeks...Sorry for the delay.
Chapathi, Channa Masala and Curd Rice

Travel Food Idea1 - Chapathi, Channa Masala and Curd Rice

Preparation Time : 8 hrs | Cooking Time : 1 hr | Standing Time : 6  hrs in room temperature
Recipe Category: Travel Food | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Click the links below to get the full recipe with stepwise pictures

Here is the travel idea menu 1:

Channa Masala
Curd Rice

Chapathi, Channa Masala and Curd Rice

My Notes:

  • Make channa masala little thick in consistency to avoid spilling from the container.
  • You can soak chana overnight and pressure cook it the next day.
  • While making curd rice add half and half of milk and curd so that it does not turn sour.
  • Saute onion tomato 5mins extra than you saute normally the previous night itself  and refrigerate it.Then morning it will easy just to grind and add the spice powders and get the gravy ready while chana is pressure cooking.
  • For curd rice - You can pressure cook rice and refrigerate it.Infact leftover rice will be great for making curd rice.
  • Amma actually has made even the coconut version of chana masala for travel, she sautes the coconut till nicely browned then grind it. 
Chapathi, Channa Masala and Curd Rice

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Wonderful.. very elegant and perfect pictures!!

  2. healthy and refreshing dishes for sometime boring long travel

  3. wow..too tempting..wish i can have it now

  4. woow ... good Sharmee.. any recipes to take to theme park,zoo with kids and also temple visits in remote area..

  5. HI,I religiously follow most of your recipes, infact it has now become a kind of referral book for me when I cook. Travel recipes are a really cool idea and since I travel a lot to my native almost every month I struggle with ideas and packing! For the travel blog I would suggest you to please include a few recipes which can be easily packed (items which are not v.runny), recipes which do not need too many accomplices and recipes which are easy for digestion while travelling. Looking forward for same :)


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