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Kerala Onam Sadya Recipes - Onam Sadhya Lunch Menu

Onam Sadya Recipes
Onam Sadya Lunch Menu

Making Onam Sadya Recipes was my long time dream and I am happy that I could make it atleast this year.Each year I would stare at all the onam sadya pictures posted in FB,blogs but each year I could post only individual onam sadya recipes.This year I was so determined to make the full sadya lunch menu.....I slowly gained confidence after my friend Keerthi motivated me.When I said that I am planning to make the onam sadya this year, she called me and gave me tips which was very useful.

I never ever thought I could manage to cook such a wide spread of Kerala Cuisine all alone.Thanks to blogging which gives me confidence and shows the better side of me in cooking.Now guess who enjoyed this?! Its hubby who enjoyed each and every dish and said make it a habit for making such a spread for every Onam....grrrr. I am not a meals person so just had rice with my most favorites alone and gulped all the payasams :)

I have shared my experience to prepare Onam Sadya here , hope you find it useful :

First make a choice of dishes you are planning for Onam Sadya, then make a tobuy list don't forget to include everything including cashews, raisins and banana leaf.

Choru - Rice

Onam Sadya Lunch Menu

Preparation Time : 24 hrs | Cooking Time : 4 hrs | Serves : 3
Recipe Category: Lunch | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Pickles,Chips and Others MainSidedishes
Sharkara Upperi  Rice Kalan
Nendran Chips  Parippu Curry Olan
Instant Mango Pickle  Sambar Eriserry
Inji Puli  Rasam Aviyal
Moru  Moru Curry Beans Mezhukupuratti
 Mambazha Puliserry

Payasam Kootu Curry

Paruppu Pradhaman Cabbage Thoran

Ada Pradhaman Cucumber Kichadi

Paal Payasam Kootu Curry

 Pineapple Pachadi

Click the links above to get the full recipe in detail
Sambar Rasam Sides
I didn't want to take any shortcuts so made everything from scratch, only the ada I got readymade *sighhh*.

It took me 3 days in total including planning for the menu, buying groceries,vegetables and cooking the sadya.Though this is not the authentic way , I am giving tips which made my job easier.If you have some help and experience then you can cook the sadya on that day itself :)

  • Day 1 - Planning the menu, Shopping for groceries and vegetables required.
  • Day 2 - I made upperi,nendran banana chips, pickle and inji puli in the morning.Soaked the pulses early morning.Later evening grated coconut, boiled and kept the vegetables ready.As you can see I boiled the vegetables, cooled it completely then stored in dabbas and named them so that I don't forget the combinations.Except for ashgourd and pumpkin, I cooked all the vegetables including pulses.
  • Day 3 - Cooked the sadya menu and clicked :)
Veggie Sides1
Day 1 - 
  • If you can you can go in person to get the ingredients else send someone with a proper detailed list as I did :)
Day 2 - 
  • Early morning I soaked the pulses then finished the chips and pickles.
  • Took a quick nap then started around 7 PM in the evening with the preparations which included grating coconut,cutting and boiling vegetables(you can club vegetables which take same time to cook),extract coconut milk,cook the pulses etc.Use pressure cooker compartments if you have it.
  • Set aside to cool them completely then store in clean containers, label them and refrigerate it.
Veggie Sides2
Day 3 -
  • First take bath, chose to have a simple but filling breakfast which will keep you energised till you finish cooking the sadya.
  • The first thing I did was to grind coconut green chillies and cumin together in bulk as most dishes had the same base.
  • I started with Parippu Curry,Sambar,Rasam and Moru Curry.Then came to the veggie sidedishes, as most of my veggies were cooked my work got easier.
  • While the veggies were cooking, I kept the rice as my friend warned me as matta rice takes longer to cook.By now you would have got an hold and everything will fall in place.Initially it will look like its picking up slow but when you come to the veggies part, it will get over soon.
  • Finally came to the payasam part.At the time of serving fried the papads.
Chips Pickle Salt
And it took me around 30mins to serve the sadya in the banana leaf, cross check whether I have missed out anything then start with the photoshoot :)
Payasam, Mor
I just cooked for 2 which was sufficient for 4 of us to have a complete lunch and also had little leftover which I kept for the next day too.Remember the spread is wide, so plan for a smaller quantity while cooking.

Happy Onam!! :))

Onam Sadya Lunch Menu

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Incredible!Super awesome!Salute to Sharmi from the bottom of my heart for this tireless effort and determination :)

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    1. I have already included its in the name of Moru :)

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