Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vendaka Thoran / Okra Thoran

From the day I saw Bharathy's okra thoran, I was waiting to try it the next time I buy them. Yest I made it and to my surprise it had a unique taste with the blend of coconut, garlic & spices. I am not familiar with the grinding part, we either fry or make poriyal or use them in pulikulambu. I like okras in any form...and on the other side hubby hates it . I wonder why does most husb's have a aversion to this vegie?! I blindly followed the recipe except that I didnt use coconut oil and few adjustments in quantity.

Vendaka/Okra Thoran

Oil- a tbsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Urad dal-1/2 tsp
Finely chopped shallots- a tsp
Curry leaves- few

To grind to coarse paste with little water:
Grated coconut – 2 tbsps
Red Chilli - 1
Jeera - ¼ tsp
Shallots- 2
Garlic-a clove
Salt-to taste
NOTE: Add min water while grinding, I added lil more so my okras got mashy.

1. Chop the okras to about half a cm wide rounds.
2. Heat a tbsp of oil in a kadai.Splutter mustard seeds, brown the urad dal and sauté the shallots until light brown.Add curry leaves.
3. Add the grinded paste and sauté for a few mins till raw smell goes.
4. Now add okras, turn them well so as to avoid sticking to kadai . Sprinkle some water, add salt and keep the kadai closed.
5. Keep in low flame and keep mixing once in every 2mins, Do this until its cooked well.Remove from flame and serve hot with rice.
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Wow.....drool worthy recipe.....adding grated coconut sounds yum....

  2. Mouth watering recipe.. looks soo yumm.. :)

  3. Yeah, you should use min water while grinding, should be crumbly.Amma sautes the gorund masala and then the vendakka.But when I make,I saute the vendakka first and then saute in the ground the veggie gets a longer time to get can sprinkle water while it gets cooked...
    Hope you liked it, even though your hubby didnt.. :)
    My hubby likes the other versions, the ones you had mentioned, but not thoran.. :)...and I seldom make it..

  4. True.. really a yummy recipe from bharathy. I found you through her blog. I'm following you! Do check my blog dear!:)

  5. yummmm..I love that pic Sharmi..which pic editor?I have never tried thoran with vendakka..will do this..:)

  6. I have Yummy Blog Award for you. Kindly check my blog. also i have tagged you dear.

  7. Okra thoran looks delicious! gorgeous click there..which slr?

  8. looks so flavorful...I like the combination of coconut and garlic!

  9. Looks yummy, the okra retains its lovely green color.

  10. I love okra and this one looks so tempting.

  11. that was fun reading your tag! And thanks for tagging me.. Will soon do it :)

    Cornflakes pudding looks absolutely delicious.. Looks like halwa, but the choco powder addition changes the whole idea.. Lovely recipe and a lovely click!

  12. My grandma used to make the same recipe using cluster beans and green chilli instead of red chilli.It gives a slightly different in the middle of making your recipe Sharmi..


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