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Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe

Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe
Vanilla Popsicle is our family favourite, once when I ran out of rosemilk essence I just tried mixing vanilla essence with milk,sugar and freezed it.When the popsicles were out, it just got emptied in no time as everyone loved it.This vanilla popsicle is mittus favorite so I make it often along with rosemilk popsicle, which I shared in Instagram few weeks back.

I am going crazy after popsicles and popsicle molds...I keep searching for new interesting popsicle moulds online and founds this one, I loved the colors so much that I asked hubby to order immediately, got this popsicle mould from Shopclues recently and have already used it quite a few times.
Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe

Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe

Preparation Time:8 hrs | Processing Time : 0 mins | Makes:4 popsicles
Recipe Category: Popsicles | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Full Cream Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Fresh cream - 2 tbsp
Milk powder - 1/8 cup
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tsp


  1. Boil milk and reduce it little.Then add sugar and mix it well until sugar completely dissolves.Switch off and cool down.Once it is cooled completely,add fresh cream.
    How to make Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe - Step1
  2. Add milk powder and whisk it well.Then add vanilla essence and mix well.
    How to make Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe - Step2
  3. Rinse your popsicle molds,Pour milk into the mould till almost 3/4th.
    How to make Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe - Step3
  4.  and close it with a lid.Freeze for 8 hrs or overnight.Then carefully show the bottom part in running tap water, set aside undisturbed for atleast 2-3mins then slowly remove the popsicles.
    How to make Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe - Step3
Serve immediately!
Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe

My Notes:

  • You can use papercups for freezing too.If you have popsicle moulds then use them.
  • Freezing for atleast 8 hrs is required but I kept it overnight.
  • For easy demoulding - show the popsicle moulds in warm water, then pull the stick out slowly to get the ice pops clean.
  • You can even add 2 tsp cornflour mixed with water to get a thick creamy texture, in that case you can skip milk powder.
Easy Vanilla Popsicle Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Vanilla popsicle came out very well. Quick & easy way to do.

  2. Nice popsicle recipe.. Sharmi which brand of vanilla essence are u using??where u get it?

  3. I have tried this recipe and it came out well. Got good appreciation from my family. Thanks a lot Sharmi.

  4. Tried your popsicle. It is really superb. All are asking the recipe.

  5. If we use corn flour instead of milk powder,don't we feel the raw smell of corn floutr?

    1. As we are cooking it, we will not get raw smell

  6. Sharmi, can I know which milk powder have you used for this recipe?


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