Saturday, February 7, 2015

Baby Corn Rice - Kids Lunchbox Recipe Idea 35

Baby Corn Rice
I clicked this lunchbox idea when I clicked for baby corn 65 rice itself.This photographer barbie is a gift for mittu from her friend and in the lovely 1 yr journey of the kids studying together her mother and I became good friends too.She knew about Sharmis Passions only later and this gift was sucha  thoughtful one that I am treasuring it, I have spoken lots about her here...Hope you remember :)

Now coming to todays lunchbox : Baby Corn Rice is a great one pot meal that you can make easily for lunchbox.I usually make this for mittus lunchbox and we have it for lunch too.This baby corn rice can be paired up with plain curd or any raita of your kids choice.
Baby Corn Rice

Baby Corn Rice

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins
Recipe Category: Lunchbox | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Here is the kids lunchbox idea 35:

Baby Corn Rice

Baby Corn Rice

My Notes:

  • You can clean baby corn trim the edges and keep it ready the previous night itself.
  • You can even use normal rice but adding basmati rice gives nice flavour.
Baby Corn Rice

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Very good recipe for kids.But never tried with baby corn as i always go with gravies and pizzas.Doll is so cute.Third picture is specially apt for you sharmi...!


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