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Sathu Maavu Recipe - Homemade Sprouted Multigrain Porridge Drink Powder

Sathu Maavu Recipe
Its a long time wish for me to post homemade sathu maavu powder.Amma usually makes a version with just multigrains but this version my neighbour shared it with me as she feeds this porridge for her daughter daily.I made a batch of this saathu maavu powder for mittu and last time I couldn't click the pics and also  I was skeptical whether I would get it right first time itself.So this time when the saathu maavu got over I made a new batch and clicked it too.

This is sure time consuming process but worth the effort put it as it includes sprouted grains and millets which is a very healthy option.It almost took a week for me to get the millets and grains ready to send it to grind.You can feed this for babies after 1 yr and we elders can also have it. I have it atleast 2-3 times a week, sometimes as a sweet porridge with jaggery and sometimes as salt porridge with buttermilk.I will sure post the porridge recipe soon.
Sathu Maavu Ingredients

           To be dry roasted (except cardamom)                              To be sprouted and roasted
Sathu Maavu Recipe

Sathu Maavu Powder Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 5- 6days | Cooking Time : 30 mins | Yields : 3 kgs
Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: North Indian

To be sprouted and roasted :

Whole Wheat - 1/2 kg(500 gms)
Finger Millet - 1/2 kg(500 gms)
Black Channa - 1/4 kg(250 gms)
Green Gram Dal - 1/4 kg(250 gms)
Pearl Millet - 100 gms

To be roasted

Sago - 100 gms
Fried Gram Dal - 100 gms
Foxtail Millet - 50 gms
Red Rice - 50 gms
Sorghum - 50 gms
Cashew - 25 gms
Badam - 50 gms

To be added as such:

Dry Ginger powder - 2 tsp
Elachi - 10 whole


  1. Measure the ingredients first and store it.Check for specks in each grains if any ,Then rinse each grain well and spread it to dry.Don't need to dry the grains which need to be sprouted,just soak and sprout.
    How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step1
  2. Rinse all the grains except fried gram dal(pottukadalai)nuts and cardamom.Except those 3 all others need to be rinsed well.Rinse ragi,wholewheat and green gram well then soak.I soaked overnight and then keep in seperate hot pack and close it for sprouting.
    How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step2
  3. Rinse sorghum,foxtail millet and pearl millet.
    How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step3
  4. For whole wheat its enough to soak for 2-3 hrs and then keep covered in a hot pack.For black channa soak overnight and then the next day close and keep.
    How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step4
  5. Then rinse sago just once and immediately strain water and dry it up.I first started sprouting with whole wheat and black chana.For whole wheat  it started sprouting the next day itself but for black chana it takes 2 days.Then start with ragi.
    How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step4
  6. Then start sprouting green gram, ragi and pearl millet, they sprout fast may be within a day or so.Once you are done with the sprouting, let it dry till there is no moisture.
    How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step5
  7. Now start dry roasting each ingredient one by one....fried garam dal,sorgum(cholam and thinai.Its enough to roast till aroma comes, don't let it brown.
    Hot to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step6
  8. Now start dry roasting each ingredient one by one....fried garam dal,sorgum(cholam and thinai.Its enough to roast till aroma comes, don't let it brown.
    Hot to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step7
  9. Then roast red rice, sago.Finally start roasting the sprouted items one by one just for 2-3mins thats enough.I have just shown for green gram sprouts , repeat the same for other sprouts too.
    Hot to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step8
  10. Finally dry roast cashew and badams, for 2-3mins.Once everything is roasted, spread it in a plate and let it cool down completely.Then combine everything together along with sukku,cardamom and grind it.I gave it to the flour mill for grinding.After you get the powder, spread it to cool down then store in airtight container.
    Hot to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step9
  11. Then combine everything together along with sukku and grind it.I gave it to the flour mill for grinding.After you get the powder, spread it to cool down then store in airtight container.
    Hot to make Sathu Maavu Recipe - Step9Cool down completely and then store in airtight container.
How to make Sathu Maavu Recipe

My Notes:

  • Its really important to rinse all the grains and dry it before roasting it, for the grains to be sprouted, rinse it well then soak and sprout.
  • There is no need to roast the sprouted ingredients but helps in extending shelf life.But just roast for 2-3mins thats enough, do not let it brown.
  • I started sprouting with items which takes long time to sprout.Of the 5 ingredients black chana and whole wheat takes long time to sprout so plan accordingly.Its better to sprout whole wheat and back chana together then in the 2nd batch with ragi, kambu and green gram.
  • First check for any speck in each grain then Rinse them well.
  • Also its better to soak 2 ingredients at a time so that drying and storing is easy.
  • I use a kitchen scale to measure each ingredient and as my neighbour suggested I am using only gram measures.If you dont have a kitchen scale at home, then buy the ingredients in the exact mentioned quantity itself. I get millets and grains in bulk so had to measure individually.
  • I usually change the millets variety each time you make this mix, like instead of foxtail millet, you can add kodo millet or little millet etc.
  • I have just given the measures that I got from my neighbour, you can plus or minus the ingredients as per your preference and liking.
  • Roasting the sprouted ingredients is not must, just roast it till the moisture leaves that's enough.
  • Make sure you cool down completely after roasting.Once it cools down then store else it will let out moisture if you close and keep immediately.
  • Adding cardamom is purely optional.We usually make both sweet and savory so add less whole cardamom in the mix to ground and add powdered elachi if needed while making sweet.
  • Adding dry ginger powder helps in digestion.But if you are planning to make this for kids I would recommend skipping it.And while making the porridge you can add dry ginger powder.Some kids may not like the dry ginger flavour so its better that you add it while making the porridge as and when needed.
  • You can store in airtight container and keep it outside for 2-3months then refrigerate it if you want to store for a longer period of time.
Sathu Maavu Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. so healthy powder.. This can be used for so dishes..

  2. Wooww very useful to me.. Healthy powder for all ages..

    Sharmi I need ur encouragement to develop my blog..So please check my blog...

  3. Sprouts Multigrain powder...!! I heard first time... Thanq. Can you post Jeera Rice...???

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Can we use a blender to make this?

    1. I don't think our regular mixie can grind these ingredients finely to a powder.

  5. Hi sharmi wat is hot pack?.i am not understand first step for soaking channa and wheat.

  6. Very neat and helpful post. Beautifully explained. Great work!!

  7. Replies
    1. It is available in most leading supermarkets....

  8. Sharmi, Can we make dosa with this powder?

    1. Yes but guess we need to mix with regular dosa idli batter ann try it...Havent tried making dosa with just this powder....

  9. Hello,
    Please tell me whether i can give this sathu mavu to my 9 month baby.

    1. It is advisable to feed only after a 1 yr as mentioned in my post...

  10. Hi Sharmi ,
    Whenever I make this powder with sprouted green gram the porridge becomes watery after cooking ,it never thickens is that something with proportions.

    1. I am really not sure as I have not tried with just sprouted green gram, I think yes the measures and proportions matters the most....

  11. Instead of black channa Can i use white channa?

  12. My green gram sprouts turned sticky in roasting process they started leaving moisture. Where I did wrong. I dry them under fan also. Plz reply

    1. It should be completely dried in sun before roasting, even a little moisture in it will spoil it...

  13. Thank you so much for the recipe......i have made he powder.....but could you please tell me how to make porridge with this powder????

    1. Please search as sathu maavu koozh have posted it already

  14. hi sharmi
    pearl millet and quinoa is same?

  15. Can we get this sathu powder in market (not manna or other)? I am working woman, it is hard to get enough time to do these type of extra work. If possible Pl. tell me where we can get. Thank you

    1. I haven't had experience other than manna so not really sure about it

  16. Hi. Thanks for the healthy recepie. As for the sprouted kala chana I dried them in the sun for 2 days and then roasted them. But the sprouted roots got burnt during roasting. Is it ok? Should I dry them in the sun for longer? How do I know that the sprouts are ready for roasting? Thanks

    1. Yes it is absolutely ok, it will soon get curled up and browned while roasting.But do it low flame.

  17. Hi.....Thank you so much for letting us know abt such a highly nutritious recipe,devoid of any chemicals..I am fortunate enough to came accross this webpage as i was surfing abt whole grains recipe...absolutely wonderful in the way u presented the recipe to be made step by step....Grateful to you immensely to share ur superb knowledge with us...Looking forward for such nice articles from u...
    Thank you
    Navien Kumar

  18. as grains & dry fruits already roasted then is it necessary to sathu powder boil for 2 min.with water/milk. instead of add powder directly in water or milk without boil on gas.

    madhusudan pune

    1. The grains are just roasted so they need to cooked well

  19. My mom use to do this daily for breakfast healthier drink

  20. Love the way you make all the homemade powders.

  21. You could have provided the tamil name for the ingredients....


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