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Arisi Vella Puttu Recipe - Navaratri Recipes

Arisi Vella Puttu Recipe

Vella Puttu is nothing but sweet puttu made with rice flour and jaggery.Vella Puttu is a traditional neiveidhyam made for Navaratri.I bookmarked this recipe last year itself but was pressed for time so skipped it.And this year after making aval puttu and gaining experience in jaggery syrup consistencies I confidently tried this arisi vella puttu and it came out soo good. I love all puttu varieties, amma makes a sweet puttu with sugar now this one with jaggery is a addition to my favourite puttu recipes.

The tiny bead toys are made by amma and it is more than 30 yrs old....She does lovely handworks,painting and stitching....Now dont ask me if I know any of these...I am nil in all these.Amma was very happy when I picked these tiny miniature dolls to click :)

Arisi Vella Puttu Recipe

Vella Puttu Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Sweet | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian Reference : Nivedhanam

Rice Flour - 1/2 cup
Jaggery - 1/3 cup
Coconut - 2 tbsp
Cashews - 5 broken 
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Edible Camphor - a tiny pinch
Ghee -2 tsp
Water - 1/4 cup(for jaggery syrup) + as required(for rice flour mixture)

* You can use store bought rice flour(idiyappam flour) too. Use raw rice for making homemade rice flour


  1. Dry roast rice flour till it changes color to light brown.Cool down, then sprinkle water little by little and make the entire flour wet...keep mixing.
    How to make vella puttu - Step1
  2. The mixture should hold together when you press with it with your palms and should crumble and fall when you leave it(pidicha pidikkanam vitta uthuranum).Now collect the mixture in a clean muslin cloth and tie the ends to make a bag like...steam the mixture for atelast 8-10mins.
    How to make vella puttu - Step2
  3. Cool down and then crumble it with your hands to break the lumps formed.Set aside.Now start preparing the jaggery syrup, add water to crushed jaggery just till immersing level.
    How to make vella puttu - Step3
  4. Strain toi remove impurities.Then heat up the syrup in a pan.Keep water in a plate to check the consistency.Keep boiling until you reach a consistency when you pour a drop of the jaggery syrup in water it should not get dissolved.
    How to make vella puttu - Step4
  5.  It should form a soft ball.This is the correct consistency.In a tsp of ghee fry the cashews and keep it ready.
    How to make vella puttu - Step5
  6. Keep the flame in sim and immediately add the cooked rice mixture.Now add ghee,cardamom powder and edible camphor.Keep mixing till it becomes dry and all the jaggery syrup is absorbed.Add coconut, ghee fried cashews, mix well and switch off.
    How to make vella puttu - Step6
Serve hot / warm.Arisi Vella Puttu Recipe

My Notes:

  • Rice flour mixture should be cooked to soft so steam it accordingly.I used my idli kadai steamer and steamed it.
  • After the rice mixture is steam cooked, cool down and then crumble it with your hands to break the lumps formed.
  • If you add more water to make jaggery syrup then you to keep on stirring for long to get the desired consistency.
  • When you add the rice flour mixture to the jaggery syrup it will look moist don't worrykeep stirring, the rice flour mixture will absorb all the jaggery and after few mins you will see the puttu dry.
  • The consistency check is the most important here other than that there is no risk factors involved.Make sure you don't miss the consistency else the next stage will be hard ball consistency and you will not get the puttu in perfect texture.
  • While making jaggery syrup first you can keep in medium flame once it becomes thick then switch it to low medium flame and cook till perfect consistency is reached.
  • Make sure to strain the jaggery syrup to avoid impurities.
Arisi Vella Puttu Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. So cute miniature dolls......and painting too......New recipe for me...gng to trt sharmi

  2. I bump here to see those cute miniatures, lovely.

  3. those toys are way beyond cute! :) have always loved puttu. this is a mouth watering twist with jaggery! must try!

  4. Mom too make this cute ones.authentic puttu

  5. This is a very yummy putti but takes lot of time n effort to make....stunning effort. The dolls are very cute. Would love to learn these. Can you please make of post of this when ur mom makes it next time?

  6. Mam it's so nicely just did so yummy dnt stop doing this so finally did it 😜

  7. Beautiful Miniature dolls and delicious puttu

  8. loved your Tamil comment --pidicha pidikkanam vitta uthuranum. Can imagine my Paati saying it to me.
    This is a wonderful old world dessert. will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Love those works created by your mom:-) during navartri I wait for friday to taste this puttu. Looks delicious

  10. Sharmi, your recipes and the way you present it are just wonderful. Every time I try your recipe, it comes just perfect. you are such a blessing for Mittu and she must be really proud for having u as a mom!! Thanks :) Keep going!!


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