Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kids Lunch Box Menu Idea1 - Peas Pulao & Baby Corn Toast

Peas Pulao & Baby Corn Toast
I had this plan of posting kids lunchbox series from next June as I have to pack lunch for mittu only from next year and that will sure push me to get new ideas for packing lunch....But seeing many readers requests to post it soon, I had started now.This is mittus favorite meal with peas pulao and baby corn toast.

I will post this series every now and then and whenever possible.I know it is quite a difficult task packing for kids esp for fuzzy eaters as I have one :) Now join me in this series and let me know the feedback, am open to any suggestions too :)

Note : I use Tupperware/Plastic containers just for pic sake as its colorful, but I am planning to pack for mittu only in stainless steel containers as I feel its more safe.

Peas Pulao & Baby Corn Toast

Kids Lunch Box Menu1 - Peas Pulao and Baby Corn Toast

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins
Recipe Category: Lunch | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Click the links below to get the full recipe with stepwise pictures

Here is the lunch box for today:

Peas Pulao
Baby Corn Toast


You can try other variations for peas pulao too:
Sweet Corn Pulao
Paneer Pulao
Vegetable Pulao

Peas Pulao & Baby Corn Toast

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. wow such a simple and delicious one!!!

  2. Yummy and delicious puloa.try with a methi thepla and variety rice

  3. Hi Sharmi,Had mailed a query regarding baking some time bk..Pl do reply when u find time..Jyothi

  4. akka plz show me the teaspoon and tablespoon u using..........i m confused wit diz measurements........plz help me

  5. So, Mittu is just starting his school? Regards to ur Mittu..
    This indeed a nutrition packed lunch for Kids ...Thanks ...keep going.
    I have some Kids recipes on my Blog too...Happy to share it for Mittu ... :)

  6. Good start and good concept of Kids lunch box, Sharmilee. Keep this going :)

  7. Thats a fantastic series. I always break my head what to pack for both my kids as both have different taste of their own

  8. Great to start this lunch box idea....

  9. wow...very nice idea i'm nt a kid but your recips makes my lunch box interesting in my college.
    thanku :) :)
    but i can hardly get 2 spoons of it, dats a grt flng in colge dayz right!!!!

  10. this is a nice idea sharmi, especially for kids who are fussy eaters.


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