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Jigarthanda Recipe - Madurai Special Jil Jil Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda Recipe

Jigarthanda is a very popular drink in Madurai...Jigar means 'Heart', Thanda means 'Cold' so the special drink is considered soothing to heart.The name 'Jigarthanda' itself tempts me soo much that after coming to CBE once I saw a lassi stall selling jigarthanda so nagged hubby to stop and get me to taste it.One sip I totally fell for jigarthanda, and thats the first time I tasted it and after that whenever we pass by that shop I would stop there for jigarthanda though the drink is available only in summers.When I asked the person who made it he gave some hints that badam pisin and nannari syrup are the main ingredients used here.Badam Pisin is a special edible gum that is taken from almond tree.

I also referred here for recipe.There may be many variations to this Madurai Jigarthanda but I am completely satisfied with this version which will sure come very close to madurai jigarthanda taste, Yes I claim it! :) I have tried my best to include all the stepwise pictures, for more variations refer my notes section.

So after tasting and hearing about jigarthandas popularity I wanted to recreate it at home.I asked my cousin who is a native of Madurai to click pictures of Jigarthanda and send it across as I first wanted to see how the authentic madurai jigarthanda looked like....He sent me the pictures along with a video last summer, he gave tips as well and it took me a year to try it.Thank you so much Goldking for the pictures and video! :)

Jigarthanda Recipe
I first waited to get a serving glass the ones they serve in shops, then hunted for badam pisin which took some time then making homemade nannari syrup took a while and when I had all of them in hand, I was still confused whether to use store bought icecream or make my own and the exact method of making jigarthanda icecream. This summer the first thing I thought to click was jigarthanda and bought icecreams and kept...but last week when I saw a video in which the jigarthanda seller said the icecream they use also plays a vital role in jigarthanda and they call it Bhai Icecream and he just said the ingredients for making the icecream.So my mind was fixed for making homemade icecream for Jigarthanda so it was almost 3 days of hardwork for making all the ingredients from the scratch and finally today I assembled the jigarthanda and served it...Yayyyy  I am a happy soul today :))

Jigarthanda Recipe

Jigarthanda Recipe

Preparation Time:1 day | Cooking Time : 1 hr | Makes:5
Recipe Category: Popsicles | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Milk - 1 cup (1/4 liter / 250ml) + chilled 1/2 cup
Nannari Syrup - 3 to 4 tbsp
Badam Pisin - 1 tbsp

Homemade Jigarthanda Icecream

Milk - 3/4 liter (750 ml)
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Fresh Cream - 1/2 cup
Paal Kova - 2 tbsp
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tsp


  1. I used 1 liter milk in total to reduce and then took a cup of it and stored as reduced milk then proceeded with the rest to make icecream.Boil 1 liter milk and simmer for 10mins until milk is reduced a little.Add sugar and keep cooking in low flame until it is reduced to half.Scrap the sides.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step1
  2. Now once its reduced to half and is light brown in color, take a cup of it and refrigerate it so that its chilled while serving.Heat the rest of reduced milk for 10 more mins.Switch off and cool down completely.Then add paal kova to cooled milk mixture. I used homemade paalkova and it was sweetened.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step2
  3. Then add fresh cream and vanilla essence and whisk it well.Pour the mixture into freezer proof containers and freeze it.After 3-4 hrs break the crystals formed with a fork.Then again freeze it.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step3
  4. After freezing it again, blend it using a mixer, repeat this for 2 times freeze and blend.Finally pour it back and freeze it for 8 hrs.See now it has become creamy.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step5
  5. Meanwhile prepare the jelly, add a tbsp of badam pisin in a bowl rinse it in water then add water and keep covered undisturbed overnight.It will increase in volume, if you see any brown spots then remove it carefully and use the rest.You need to add more water as it grows in volume.The water shown below will not be enough, I added more at a later stage.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step4
  6. Take your serving glass first add 2 tsp nannari syrup then add 2 heaped tbsp of badam pisin.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step6
  7. Now add little milk then add little reduced milk till it reaches 3/4 th of the glass.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step7
  8. Give a quick stir with a spoon then add a scoop of homemade icecream.Serve immediately.
    How to make jigarthanda recipe - Step8
Serve immediately!
Jigarthanda Recipe

Madurai Jigarthanda in the making! :)

Jigarthanda Recipe

My Notes:

  • You can collect the malai that forms while thickening milk and use it for garnishing while serving jigarthanda, thats how they serve in madurai shops.
  • The quantity of each ingredient can be purely your choice.I like more of jelly so added it more, plus or minus according to your liking.
  • If you want to use store bought icecream then use vanilla icecream.You can replace badam pisin with agar agar but sure the taste will vary.
  • You can use store bought paal kova too.I will post the paalkova recipe soon.
  • Nannari syrup and badam pisin are the main star ingredients in jigarthanda and I recommend no replacements for it.If you want to feel and taste madurai jigarthanda then you should use those ingredients.
  • You can make homemade icecream a day before and refrigerate it.I just blended for 3 times altogether but the more you blend the more creamy texture you will get.But jigarthanda icecream is not very creamy like the shop icecreams.
  • Except the color I was completely satisified about getting the apt madurai jigarthanda. I am not sure how they get that deep brown color, may be they use caramel...not really sure.
  • In some shops they even use basil seeds but guess its not the authentic version of madurai jigarthanda.
Jigarthanda Recipe

Are you ready to enjoy homemade jigarthanda icecream and jigarthanda?! :))

Jigarthanda Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Hi Sharon, jigarthanda looks tempting and just like madurai jigarthanda. Pls try jigarthanda from the 'famous' jiharthanda shop at madurai once.

  2. wow! you made it from scratch.. Yummy looking Jigarthanda

  3. wow...our fly fav.....nice clicks and explanation

  4. That looks awesome!!! I have been wanting try his for a longtime! Totally cool!!

  5. Hi.. Amazing effort.. Looks too yummy.. You have mentioned to replace badam pisin with badam pisin in the notes section.. Please correct it..

  6. That looks fabulous! Been thinking of trying at home but was clueless. Thanks for the inspiration! :) may I know where you sourced badam pisin from?

  7. Perfect for this summer. Loved all the clicks.

  8. Semma post Sharmi, ippadi dhaan naan taste panirkken Jigarthanda with palkova icecream...perfect one! very well explained!

  9. wow you are really a perfectionist. so much effort you have taken to assemble everything and turned it to the most perfect and authentic jigarthanda. it has surely payed off!!! it looks ahhmazing!!! would love to know where i can find badam pisin in cbe?

  10. Looks awesome sharmi I have never tried it to next time Madurai stop la I have it. U have done it very well.

  11. Great work sharmi . Im really amazed looking at your patience towards making that beautiful jigrathantha . Well explained . Hats off to you .

  12. So Much hardwork!!! Great Sharmilee!!!

  13. Hats off to your patience in making this and taking pics as well, just wow!

  14. Wow..made everything from scratch. that's outstanding..Now i'm craving for jigarthanda.

  15. where can we get badam pisin in cbe?

  16. Absolutely perfect... Hats off!! Rocking as always

  17. Hi mam this is really rocking..My hometown is madurai...Lover of Jigarthanda...Thank you so much for the post...Can u please say where we have bought badam pisin???

    1. I got it in a departmental stores named Kanan

  18. Hi Sharmika, Amazing recipe. Looks yummy & explained well. Picture perfect clicks. Keep Rocking.

  19. Hii Jigar sharmi invite me for a glass of jigarthanda...

  20. Hiiiii Jigar sharmiii .... Invite me for a glass of jigarthanda....

  21. Hi,
    This is the first time I tried out Icecream receipe. I dont know if u have ever been to Trichy. There, "Michael's" is a very famous Icecream parlour. Low price and very tasty vanilla icecream. Whenever I have been ti Tricht right from my childhood, I have enjoyed this icecream. I have longed for it in Chennai.
    Iam very happy to say that your receipe of this Jigarthanda Icecream matches exactly with Michael's. It came out Superb!!! I did the jigarthanda too today and it was fantastic too...
    Thanks for your effort and time!!! Kudos!!! Keep it up!!!

  22. Reduced milk ice cream = 1litre milk and another 1/2 cup milk u are using while assembling jigarthanda. Am I right??


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