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Grape Popsicle Recipe / Grape Ice / Grape Kuchi Ice

Grape Popsicle Recipe

Grape Ice is one of my favs during our school days.Next to rosemilk popsicle, this grape ice and pista ice are my most favorite.In grape popsicle they add a special grape essence which is so flavourful that even now I can sense the taste of it.But I couldn't get the essense here, so made it without essence, and the fresh grapes popsicle were so refreshing to eat that it kindled my school memories.You can even cut the grapes into halves and add it to the popsicle as thats the way we had tasted.

I asked hubby to pick up nice pulpy grapes which is of dark blackish red so that it gives a nice bright vine pink color to the popsicles, oh yeah I am crazy of this grape popsicle color, its soo cool right?! :)As its summer, I am putting my popsicle moulds to good use and we are enjoying these fresh popsicles at home, sure better than the fatty creamy icecreams what say?! :)

Grape Popsicle Recipe

Grape Popsicle Recipe

Preparation Time:7 hrs | Processing Time : 10 mins | Makes:6 small popsicles
Recipe Category: Popsicles | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Grapes - 2 cups
Water - 1/2 to 3/4 cup
Sugar - 1/3 cup


  1. Remove the grapes from its stem, rinse it well.Transfer it to a blender / mixer.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step1
  2. Grind it well without adding water. Strain through a metal strainer.Extract the juice completely.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step2
  3. Then add water and sugar mix well with a spoon for the sugar to dissolve well.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step3
  4. Transfer to a container with a sharp beak so that pouring to popsicle mould is easy.Now fill the popsicle till 3/4 th.If you want you can add sliced grapes at this stage.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step4
  5. Cling wrap it with aluminum foil,Carefully prick with a knife then insert icecream sticks.Alternately you can even close it with your popsicle mould lid itself.Freeze it for atleast 8 hrs.Then take it out and carefully show the outer surface under running tap water.Carefully pull out the popsicles.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step5
Serve immediately!
Grape Popsicle Recipe

My Notes:

  • Dont have a popsicle mould?! dont worry use disposable plastic cups or even thick paper cups cling wrap aluminium foil and us icecream sticks and freeze it.It demoulds easily or you can even cut the cups to get the popsicles out.
  • I would recommend adding grape slices in popsicle moulds.As mittu doesn't like it that way, I skipped adding it.
  • Adjust sugar according to the sourness of grapes.
  • Choose some pulpy grapes which gives a nice color and flavour.
  • Freezing for atleast 6 hrs is required but I kept it overnight.
  • For easy demoulding - show the popsicle moulds in warm water, then pull the stick out slowly to get the ice pops clean.
Grape Popsicle Recipe
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. the taste of this grape flavour popsicle is sure heavenly! I always choose this over any ice cream. love it. such beautiful clicks, too tempting..!

  2. i made this today and it was wonderful.Now am going to try different flavours.Kids were happy and thanks with your help i touched their hearts.

  3. Made watermelon popsicles using this procedure. It came out very good. Thanks for the recipe! Btw, where did you buy your mould from? These are very popular at home and I need more moulds to keep up with the demand :)

    1. I got it from a supermarket here in Coimbatore

  4. Love ur passion for cooking such delicious dishes. Love all ur recipes, proportions, n techniques. my mum used to make squashes for summers and as far as i remember the essence used in grape squashes is called "tonovine" it's available in super markets. 😃😀 keep the posts coming. 😀

  5. Hi Sharmi...I got tempted by u n ordered Popsicle mould on Amazon..any specific reason why you don't use Popsicle lid n use ice cream sticks with aluminum foil instead?

    1. No specific reason just to give the authentic feel for kuchi ice recipes I use icecream sticks :) The popsicles with lid are on its way :))

  6. Hi sharmi can u give the roadside surandal ice ( crushed ice with multicolors) recipe


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