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Bread Sticks Recipe - How to make whole wheat bread sticks

Whole Wheat Bread Sticks
I love garlic bread sticks served at Dominos which is mildly flavoured with garlic and other herbs. I love to have it with cheesy dip they serve with.So when I saw this bread sticks recipe I definitely wanted to give a try but to make it more healthy used homemade whole wheat mulitgrain flour.I love baking with whole wheat flour also I can eat it without having to worry about my waistline :) After trying honey oats whole wheat bread I am now confident using wheat flour for my yeasted bakes.

I have not struggled with yeasted bakes so far(*touching wood*) except for once or twice but the waiting time for the dough to raise makes me I always held bake myself for trying yeasted bakes.Thank you so much Padmaja for introducing to me to instant yeast and sharing with me, it works wonders I say :)

I served it with sweet corn veg clear soup and a low fat yogurt dip.

Update : I tried the same recipe with half of maida and wheat flour here and it turned out great too.

Whole Wheat Bread Sticks

Bread Sticks Recipe

Preparation Time:2 hrs | Cooking Time : 30 mins | Makes:14 bread sticks
Recipe Category: Snack | Recipe Cuisine: World

For the bread:

Wheat Flour / Multigrain Flour - 1 and 1/2 cups
Instant Yeast - 1 and 1/4 tsp
Luke warm water - 3/4 to 1 cup
Salt - to taste
Olive Oil - 3 tbsp + extra for brushing
Oregano - 1/4 tsp


  1. Take whole wheat flour,salt,yeast in a mixing bowl .Add olive oil, now start adding luke warm water little by little.Mix well form a smooth pliable dough.Set aside to rest, keep it in a warm place for an hr undisturbed.
    How to make bread sticks - Step1
  2. When u check after an hr, the dough would have become almost doubled.Now punch it down incase for any air bubbles.Grease a pan with little oil and flour and keep it ready.Scoop the batter into the prepared pan about 1/4 inch thickness, spread it nearing to the edges.Brush it with olive oil.
    How to make bread sticks - Step2
  3. Sprinkle oregano and make strips using a pizza cutter.
    How to make bread sticks - Step3
  4. Preheat the oven for 200 deg C for 10 mins.Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 Degree C for 15-20 mins or until the top starts browning depending on how soft / crisp you want your bread sticks to be.When it is still warm break the strips.
    How to make bread sticks - Step4
  5. Serve warm with a sip or hot soup.

Whole Wheat Bread Sticks

My Notes:

  • Make sure you mark lines before you start baking itself so that its easy to break into pieces after its baked.
  • The dough rising time depend s purely on the yeast variety and ur locations climatic conditions.So after checking after 1 hr if it has not doubled then set it to rise for one more hr or so.
  • You can even try with half and half of whole heat flour and maida or with just maida alone.
  • I used homemade multigrain wheat flour.
  • If you want it more crisp then spread the batter very thin.I wanted mine to have the bread texture so spread it a bit thick.
  • You can add any topping of your choice like garlic paste,or any spice powders of your liking.You can even use any pizza seasoning.
  • Brushing the top with oil gives nice browning.
  • I used instant yeast so didn't wait for proofing as I knew mine was active.If you are using active dry yeast proof it first by adding to 1/4 cup warm water and waiting for it to bubble then use it.
Whole Wheat Bread Sticks

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. am drooling here!!! looks super delicious... I make this with Maida, will try with Whole Wheat..

  2. Very healthy, thanks for the recipe !

  3. Sharmis what if someone not have Oven? what wud b the procedure

  4. Healthy and tasty bread sticks...absolutely fantastic!

  5. Wonderful Wholewheat bread sticks... Love it dear

  6. Hi Sharmi.. the hyperlink for yogurt dip goes to subway style sandwich page. Could you please update it. Could not find the yogurt dip recipe.

    By the way bread sticks looks so tempting.

    1. Yes please check the steps in that sundwich post for the recipe....its is just hungcurd with tomato ketchup and herbs :)

    2. Yes please check the steps in that sandwich post for the recipe....its is just hungcurd with tomato ketchup and herbs :)

  7. Hi Sharmi , I tried this recipe today . It came out well but I felt the inner part didn't get cooked properly while outer crust was crisp enough..can u please tell me what I could for the same..

    1. This sounds strange.....Did you try baking for few mins extra?

  8. What brand of instant yeast and dry yeast do you recommend please. I stay in Chennai.

  9. hi sharmi how much active dry yeast we should use in place of instant yeast here?

  10. Hi Sharmilee - great pictures and the recipe looks very tempting. With regards to point no.1 when you say 'Mix well form a smooth pliable dough' how long should we knead the dough with hand for any bread recipe ?

    1. Dont go by the time just knead it like chapathi dough


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