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Paneer Gulab Jamun Recipe - Gulab Jamoon with Paneer

Happy New Year 2014!!
Paneer Gulab Jamun Recipe

Paneer Gulab Jamun is a very easy sweet that can be made easily at home. When I posted bread gulab jamun I had many requests to post khoya gulab jamun recipe for diwali as I couldn't make it, pushed myself to make it for new year 2014. I wanted to post khoya jamun by making khoya from the scratch but I am already busy at home and new year celebrations in our apartment so its highly impossible for me to spend 2 hours to make homemade khoya.....So my next option was to get readymade khoya but after searching around 2 hrs I gave up.....So made up my mind to try this paneer jamun as paneer is an easily available ingredient.

This is not like our usual jamun , it takes time to absorb sugar syrup......Also the jamuns are chewy unlike our regular jamuns more like rasgulla texture but nevertheless tastes delicious.After all its paneer and sugar....How can the combination go wrong?! But I will sure post milkpowder and khoya jamun versions soon.

I am happy to share that this Paneer Jamun Recipe got published in The Hindu chennai edition.
Paneer Gulab Jamun Recipe
Paneer is easily available ingredient so thought to give this easy sweet a try and And here is my easy version of gulab jamun - yes paneer jamun it is!!

I am all excited for the new year party today so meet  you all with more interesting recipes and special surprise giveaway next year.Wishing you all a very happy new year 2014!!

Paneer Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun Recipe - Ingredients

Gulab Jamun Recipe
Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 25 mins | Makes : 15 jamuns
Recipe Category: Sweet | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Paneer - 1 cup
Maida - 2.5 tbsp
Cooking Soda - 1/8 tsp
Rose Essence - 2 drops
Pistachios - 1/2 tbsp chopped just for garnish
Oil - as needed to deep fry

For the sugar syrup:

Sugar - 1 heaped cup
Water - 1 cup
Saffron  - 5 strands


  1. To make the sugar syrup : Take sugar, water and saffron in a bowl mix well.Then heat it up.How to make paneer gulab jamun - Step1
  2. It may take some time so meanwhile you can start making the jamun balls.When the sugar syrup starts turning sticky switch off.Bring paneer to room temperature if you have refrigerated it.Then knead it for few mins with your hands until you are able to form a smooth ball.Then add maida,baking soda and salt to paneer.Give a quick mix.
    How to make paneer gulab jamun - Step2
  3. Add water little by little and gather together to form a smooth dough without any cracks. Dont knead it just gather together thats enough.Keep aside for 10mins.Pinch a small ball and roll smoothly. Dont apply pressure while rolling and also dont roll them tight...the balls should be smooth.Make all the balls ready.
    How to make paneer gulab jamun - Step3
  4. Heat oil in a kadai not smoking hot, just hot enough to fry, - When oil is hot, keep in medium low flame drop few jamuns(may be 3-4) at a time, Roll the jamuns with a ladle when its getting cooked in the oil for even cooking and coloring.fry in low flame till dark golden brown.
    How to make paneer gulab jamun - Step4
  5. Drain in tissue and immediately add it to warm sugar syrup.Finally add rose essence.Cover and let it rest for 2 hrs for the jamuns to absorb the sugar syrup well.
    How to make paneer gulab jamun - Step5
Garnish with any nuts of your choice.
Paneer Gulab Jamun Recipe

My Notes:

  • The dough should be very smooth and dont knead it as it will make the jamuns hard.
  • I recommend adding rose essence, it gives great flavour to the jamuns.
  • You can skip saffron and add cardamom powder, its purely your preference.
  • Make sure you roll the balls smoothly at the same time not too tight. Dont apply pressure while rolling else the center part will not get cooked and will be hard while eating.While rolling if there is a crack then the jamuns will break and open out while frying in oil.
  • Give atleast 2-3 hrs resting time for the jamuns to absorb the sugar syrup well.
  • If you fry for more time paneer becomes hard so take it when its deep golden brown.
  • Make sure you keep in low flame while cooking the jamuns as it may get burnt easily.If the oil is too hot, then the jamuns may turn brown faster but it may not have cooked inside especially the center part.
  • Make sure you have oil just enough for the jamuns to immerse fully. 
  • Oil temperature should be just right for the jamuns to cook perfectly, else it will break or will not get cooked inside.
Easy Gulab Jamun with Paneer
This is the new year treat for all readers and friends of Sharmis Passions. Wait for the surprise giveway very soon!
Easy Gulab Jamun with Paneer

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Perfect way to start the year.. happy new year

  2. Happy new year and happy to know that you are one among top 30 food blogger from India for 2013.

  3. If any Indians live in Australia so they miss the Indian food in Australia specially in sweats like gulabjaamun.

  4. HI!
    Delicious recipe! Awesome clicks!

  5. Wow it's new for me try soon my kids favorite sweet.happy new year ur dreams r success ful for this year2014.

  6. wow fantastic gulab jamun looks so delicious :)

  7. Looks Yumm! Happy New Year Sharmi!

  8. Happy New Year Sharmi... The gulab jamuns looks so perfect and yumm

  9. Happy New Year Sharmi...Sweet start for the sweet year :-)

  10. You are in CBE, right? Try the paal company in RS Puram, they usually have unsweetened khova (khoya).

  11. Looks so Yummy Sharmi :) Going to make right now. Thank you for the awesome recipie

  12. hello.......can i put the paneer in mixie & run it to get a smooth dough?

    1. Try pulsing it once or twice....thats enough

  13. Hello..I cudn make a smooth dough since i thought kneading would make it hard. Now the jamuns are very rubbery :( Wat am i missing?

    1. The dough shouldn't be very tight / stiff and also don't knead it too much...Depends on the quality of paneer also use fresh paneer


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