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Mushroom Manchurian Recipe - Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Manchurian Recipe
Mushroom Manchurian is one of the popular Indo Chinese starter recipes. Hubby is a great fan of fried rice and any type of manchurian too and his staple order in restaurants is egg fried rice with any dry gobi recipe. Mittu has not yet developed her taste for manchurians so always give the deep fried ones before adding it to the sauce.

You can make manchurian either gravy / semi dry(saucy) or dry version, I have made it saucy great to go with fried rice.I love manchurian as a side dish for fried rice but not as a starter as I dont have the habit of having starters / soups just dive straight into the main dishes :)
Mushroom Manchurian Recipe
I have a love-hate relationship with mushrooms in the recent days.....But still whenever I see white clean fresh mushrooms in pazhamudhir I cannot resist, I end up buying a pack as its rich in nutrients and a good source of vitamins too and helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels....So try to include mushrooms as a part of your weekly meal at least.
Mushroom Manchurian Recipe

Mushroom Manchurian Recipe - IngredientsCorn Pulao Recipe

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Side dish / Starter | Recipe Cuisine: Indo Chinese

For the batter :

Mushroom(Cleaned) - 1 cup chopped
Cornflour - 3.5 tbsp
Maida - 2 tbsp
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Red chilly powder - 3/4 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - to toast

For the manchurian:

Oil - 1 tbsp
Capsicum - 1/2 cut into squares
Garlic - 1 tbsp chopped finely
Big Onion - 3 tbsp finely chopped
Soya sauce - 1/4 tsp
Green Chilli sauce - 1/2 tsp
Pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
Tomato sauce - 2 tbsp mixed with a tsp of water
Cornflour - 1/2 tsp mixed with 2 tbsp water
Salt - to taste
Spring onions(white part)- 1 tbsp white part
Spring onions(green part) - 2 tbsp green part


  1. Rince mushrooms, wipe it off with a tissue to remove the moisture then slice them thin.In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients under 'for the batter' add little water to form a thick paste.
    How to make mushroom manchurian - Step1
  2. Marinate mushroom in it for 15mins.Deep fry them until crispy and golden brown.Drain them in a tissue.
    How to make mushroom manchurian - Step2
  3. Get all the ingredients ready for the manchurian.Heat oil in a pan and add garlic and spring onions white part saute for a minute.Add onion saute until slightly browned,
    How to make mushroom manchurian - Step3
  4. Then add capsicum, half of spring onions and saute for 2mins. Let the onions and capsicum retain its crispiness and do not let them turn brown.Then add soya sauce and mix well in high flame.Now reduce the flame and add green chilli sauce,tomato sauce and required salt.
    How to make mushroom manchurian - Step4
  5. Add cornflour mixture and bring the sauce to a quick boil. Add fried mushrooms, pepper powder and give a toss for the sauce to coat well. Garnish with remaining spring onions green part, give a quick mix and serve hot.
    How to make mushroom manchurian - Step5
Serve hot with any fried rice of your choice or just as a starter.Serve immediately before it becomes soggy.
Mushroom Manchurian Recipe

My Notes:

  • Dont skip spring onions as it gives a nice flavour.
  • Adding onions is purely optional, you can skip that too.
  • Marinating mushroom in the batter gives a nice firm outer layer.
  • Chilli sauce and soy sauce forms the base for any manchurian. I used green chilli sauce as I had only that, you can add the red chilli sauce too.
  • The consistency is purely your choice, you can make it saucy like how I have did or make it dry too.
  • Always serve hot as it may turn soggy when resting time is given.
  • dding cornflour water mixture is purely optional - this is just to make the sauce thick.
  • Make sure not to saute the veggies for a long time in the sauce as the veggies need to be crisp.
  • Dont add more soya sauce than the mentioned amount else it will change the taste and make the manchurian more darker in color.
  • I have used button mushroom you can use any type of mushroom.
Mushroom Manchurian Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Mashroom manchurian looks yumm..drooling.

  2. I love mushrooms , this manchurian looks yummy!

  3. i'll make this for sure.looks yummy. plz give us a pizza recipe.

    1. Veg Pizza Recipe is already there....please give a search

  4. can i substitute maida with corn flour?

    1. Maida cornflour both should be added to get the desired crispness

  5. I too love Manchurians more than the fried ones, mushroom manchurian looks so tempting & delicious...

  6. Can we make Paneer Manchurian same way

  7. Very tempting and tasty mushroom manchurian. So well prepared and explained.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. My husband loves Mushrooms :) I am making it this week... I made your baby corn manchurian two weeks back and he loved it..

  9. Mouthwatering manchurian with mushrooms

  10. I tried it today and it was just amazing!!

  11. G'day! Your recipe and photo look delicious, true!
    I have shared it, pinned it and look forward to making it too!
    Your step by step photos are very helpful! Thank you!
    Cheers! Joanne

  12. I tried it today and it came out well :) Thanks for the wonderful recipe :)

  13. Hi Sharmi,
    I love your ricepes! I just wanted to know if I can substitute all purpose flour instead of corn flour? Or even corn meal instead of corn flour? If not, what can be used to substitute corn flour?

    1. You can try but cornflour gives crispness which will be missing if we add only maida...You can try with a combination of maida and rice flour....

  14. Replies
    1. I have not tried soya sauce sauce at home, I use store bought

  15. I became your fan Sharmi. Spring onion is unavailable during rainy season in our area. Do I skip it???


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