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How to melt jaggery and How to make jaggery syrup - Jaggery Syrup Consistency

How to make jaggery syrup
Jaggery syrup is very handy for making sakkarai pongal,aval jaggery,appam,any payasam recipes or for many south indian sweets.I have seen amma making jaggery syrup and storing it for weeks so I follow the same too and its very easy when it comes to making pori urundai, kadalai urundai etc. I took the stepwise few months before but somehow I missed to click the main pics so yesterday when I made jaggery syrup for making pori urundai for karthigai deepam today, I clicked the main pics and here goes the steps for how to melt jaggery and how to make jaggery syrup for storing and different jaggery syrup consistencies.

I am planing to make a similar post for sugar syrup too hopefully sooner :)
How to make jaggery syrup

How to make Jaggery Syrup - IngredientsGuacamole Recipe

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes : 1.5 cups
Recipe Category: Basics | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Jaggery - 1 cup
Water - 3/4 cup


  1. Powder jaggery....I used my hand mortar and pestle for this.Measure 1 cup and transfer it to a mixing bowl.Add water to it.
    How to make jaggery syrup - Step1
  2. Mash it up well, I used my potato masher for this.Heat it up to melt it and boil for 2mins in medium flame until frothy.This is done for the jaggery to melt completely.Switch off.
    How to make jaggery syrup - Step2
  3. Then strain to remove impurities.Then heat it up again and keep stirring for few mins until you get a slightly sticky consistency little runny more of pouring consistency with a slight stickiness.This stage is required for storing purpose as this  is the first basic stage so this can be used for any recipe that calls for jaggery syrup.Only this stage of syrup can be stored the steps followed by this should be made at that instant for each recipe.
    How to make jaggery syrup - Step3
Jaggery Consistency Check:
When it starts to turn sticky(pisuku patham) If you heat the syrup for few more mins...then a single string consistency will be formed : If you take a drop between your thumb and index finger you can see a single string forming as shown in the 1st thumbnail below.

If you heat further more you will get soft ball consistency :  Keep a separate plate ready filled with little water.Take a drop of jaggery syrup and put it in water, it should stand firm and not dissolve as shown below. It should form a nonsticky soft ball(uruttu padham) when you roll it with your fingers  as shown in the 3rd thumbnail...when you press it with your fingers it will be very soft.
Hard Ball - Jaggery Syrup Consistency
Further heating results in hard ball consistency when you roll the balls the ball will hold toight as shown below.When you drop it on a silver vessel you can hear the 'tang' sound.
Jaggery Syrup Consistency

How to make jaggery syrup

My Notes:

  • The color of the syrup depends on the jaggery variety you use. You have urundai vellam which is yellow in color, paagu vellan which is reddish brown and achu vellam which is yellowish brown.
  • If you add more water to jaggery then it will take long time to get the syrup consistency.
  • For the recipes that calls for thick jaggery syrup or any consistency check like single string / soft or hard ball: what you have to do is just make the refrigerated jaggery syrup come to room temperature first then heat it up to get desired consistency. I made the jaggery syrup and stored it and today for making pori urundai I heated the syrup for a while to get the soft ball consistency and my pori urundais were done in mins.
  • Make sure the jaggery syrup you want to store in of flowing consietency as it tends to get thick when cooled down and refrigerated.
  • When you check for any string / balls consistency always take the center part to check.When you take the drops from sides it can cheat you as the sides tend to get the consistencies faster.
  • You can keep the jaggery syrup refrigerated for more than 2 weeks time.Use a clean spoon everytime you use it.
  • You can use the syrup for any recipe that calls for jaggery / jaggery syrup or also for any sweets like pori urundai,kadalai urundai.
  • I used urundai vellam this time...but you can use any jaggery variety for making the syrup.
  • You can even use nonstick pan for making this syrup, I used my indalium kadai.
How to make jaggery syrup

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. very very informative post sharmi :) if i had seen ur post 2 hours before i could have shaped my pori balls better :( next time i might make them good :) thank you

  2. The step by step instructions and notes are really helpful!

  3. very helpful post and beautiful clicks!!

  4. Very useful post.. great job, Sharmi :)

  5. Detailed & very useful post...thanks for sharing. great job!

  6. Useful post..Beautiful pictures.. can you please post about your photo shoot set up for the recipes? I will be very useful for amateur food photographer like me.Thanks in advance..

  7. Thank you for this. A friend pointed me to this website with your instructions as I have just discovered the delicious jaggery. The type I have bought made by Natco is like a stiff toffee though and difficult to spoon out (I am in England). I have also tried the palmyra jaggery too which is like hard powder. This is even more expensive though.


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