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Monday, September 17, 2012

Paal Kozhukattai Recipe (with jaggery and coconut milk)

Paal Kozhukattai
I had been wanting to post this paal kozhukattai recipe since last diwali, somehow other recipes took priorities. You can adapt the same recipe and make it with sugar if you prefer but the authentic vrsion uses jaggery. When I was compiling a list to make and post for vinayagar chaturthi, amma said to include paal kozhukattai too...though this is not made traditionally for vinagar chaturthi, I included it as it is also one among the kozhukattai family :) This is one of authentic chettinad recipes belonging to Karaikudi and is one of my favs too.
Paal Kozhukattai Recipe
The richness in the coconut milk with jaggery making the sauce so delicious and to add on the small balls soaked in the sauce.....yum combo. If you are new to this recipe, please give a try and treat your self and am sure you will thank me for it :) Paal Kozhukattai itself is completely photogenic and now that tells the secret why the pics turned out to my satisfaction :)
Paal Kozhukattai Recipe(with jaggery)

Paal Kozhukattai Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 3
Recipe Category: Sweet / Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

For the Paal Kozhukattai dough:

Rice Flour/ Idiyappam flour - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 tsp
Milk -1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Salt - to taste

For the milk sauce :

Jaggery syrup - Powdered Jaggery 1 cup + Water - till immersing level(app 3/4 cup)
Coconut - 3 tbsp
Milk - 1 cup
Coconut Milk - 1 and 1/4 cup
Water - 1/2 cup
Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp


  1. Dissolve jaggery in immersing level and heat it up till it bubbles. Then strain to remove impurities.Keep aside. In a mixing bowl add water, milk,salt and add the rice flour and mix well to prevent lumps.
    How to make paal kozhukattai - Step1
  2. The mixture should be smooth and creamy(adjust water level according to this). Then transfer this mixture to a nonstick pan with ghee.Keep stirring until it forms a dough consistency. At this stage switch it off.
    How to make paal kozhukattai - Step2
  3. When its hand bearable hot collect them all together and knead it to form a smooth dough. Keep covered with a wet cloth until use to prevent it from drying. Form small balls or in cylindrical shapes(this is the traditional shape). Actually they use the thenkuzhal murukku press to make the cylindrical shape.
    How to make paal kozhukattai - Step3
  4. Repeat this process to form all the balls. Keep aside. Heat milk + water in a heavy bottomed pan , when is starts boiling add the balls and simmer it.
    How to make paal kozhukattai - Step4
  5. Once the balls are added, first it will all sink to the bottom. Keep closed and cook until the balls turn soft...once cooked it will gradually raise. Stir it very carefully not breaking the balls. Once the balls are cooked add the coconut milk,give a quick stir. Then add jaggery syrup and give a stir. Allow it to simmer 3-5mins.
    How to make paal kozhukattai - Step5
  6. Add grated coconut, cardamom powder allow for a short single boil and switch off
    How to make paal kozhukattai - Step6
Give it atleast 30mins resting time so that the sauce blends well with the kozhukattais.Serve warm / cold.
Paal Kozhukattai(with jaggery & coconut milk)

My Notes:

  • While making the sauce - You can even add coconut milk along with milk and water. But I always add it this way to avoid curdling.
  • Do not cook for long time after coconut milk and jaggery are added, as there are chance for curdling.
  • While making the dough, you can even first heat water + milk then add rice flour but I added and dissolved it prior heating to avoid lumps.
  • Instead of making balls you can also dump the dough in a murukku press and press it directly in water milk mixture to save time.I made small round balls as I felt that would look pretty for the pics :)
  • The kozhukattais will not get cooked fully in milk so add half and half water alteast.Amma says sometimes they even pre cook the kozhukattais in water then add it to the milk sauce. But I prefer cooking it in milk + water as this way it is well blended with the sauce.
  • The measurement for water:milk:coconut milk can be adjusted to our choice, it should be just enough for the balls to immerse.
  • For the sauce to blend well with the balls, you can roll them even more small.
  • You can even replace jaggery with sugar but the authentic way is making it with jaggery.
Paal Kozhukattai Recipe(with jaggery and coconut milk)

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Looks very yummy and lovely presentation.

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  2. Paal kolukattai is my favorite and this looks yum

  3. Delicious and yummy!!! It is one of my favorites!!


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  4. Lovely and tempting evergreen dish... Love ur clicks as well....

  5. Amma makes exactly the same way,loved it...

  6. i heard from my mother in law that Paal kolukattai is really tough to make & id made without proper practice or an experienced person near by you may also end up burning your face (on putting the balls(kolukkatai in hot boiling milk, as you have siad above) it will burst out towards your face, is it true ?? if yes, what is the way to avoid it.
    My husband lovvveeeeeeeeess this & i want to make it a surprise for him but i am scared :( please suggest.

  7. Love these yummy ones...i lov to make wth sugar...

  8. @Aru : No no I guess you have misunderstood paal kozhukattai as paal paniyaram as the risk is only with paniyaram....Paal kozhukattai is not at all risky just be careful after adding coconut milk. Hope this clarifies now :)

  9. Yummy, looks fabulous and irresistible my most favourite kozhukattais..

  10. This is a new dish to me, looks really tempting!

  11. Super tempting kozhukattais, it has been ages since i made this. beautiful clicks and pretty saree

  12. looks tempting. this is one recipe i will try and make a vegan version of it.

  13. So pretty indeed.. very tempting pics.

  14. Beautiful presentation. Very tempting.

  15. This is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous dish and wonderful post!

  16. Looks soo yummy Sharmi... I always do it with sugar.. Should try with jaggery

  17. Super delicious, authentic recipe...Perfectly made..Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  18. These balls reminds me of strawberry sweet from Adyar anandha bhavan..... Wounderful pics.

  19. wow....paal kozhukattai looks so divine, lovely presentation!!

  20. Looks really tempting and the picture quality wows me, even the elachi powder is so clear :)

  21. Thanks a lot for posting this delicious kozhukatai.just nw I tried this n came out so so good,am nw waiting for d final half-an-hour-standing-time!
    Can't wait!!!
    Drooling to gulp them:-)
    Thanks again for those awesome pics that made me do it....

  22. ya. clear now. thank you so much. you make really nice dishes. tempting both tummy & eyes :) :) i have started to love cooking after visisting your blog.... love you. you are my favorite now !!!

  23. Hi Sharmi, i ahve a question here, i always wanted to make these kozhukottai. yesterday i tried. everything went well but after floating the balls in the milk, as soon as i added jeggary milk splitted and balls got broke. i was so disappointed. feeling very bad. please guide what went wrong.

  24. @Pari : After jaggery is added simmer it and dont let it boil for more time...you get to know the knack only by practise....so dont worry am sure you will get it right next time...

  25. Wonderful presentation of the recipe !!!

  26. Hai Sharmi,

    I tried this just now but I think without proper practical knowledge it went down. actually half of the balls got dissolved in the milk and the remaining balls were also not stiff, it was like uncooked. I do not know where I went wrong. I want to do this again successfully, can you guess where I might have gone wrong

    1. Dont really know where it went wrong may be in the consistency of the batter for the balls?

  27. hi,

    I tried your receipe, everything came out nicely. but only thing is the milk curdled a bit. Is it ok, to eat it ?

  28. Thank You So Much... Tried making it... It turned out AWESOME !!! :)

  29. Me and my mom tried it out.... Came out so well.. Thanks :)

  30. Please post Paal Paniyaram recipe too soon :)

  31. Hi Sharmilee,

    Hope you are doing great!!! I'm not very sure what is jaggery? Is it same as vellam???...

    1. hi
      i am planning to try this tomm
      but i am scared abt curdling.
      should we need to keep in low flame after adding coconut milk. and then proceed with jaggery

    2. Yes just simmer, add coconut milk and keep stirring.....

  32. one more doubt.
    can we prepare the dough by adding hot water like we do for normal kozhukattai

  33. Hi sharmilee!
    I am your frequent blog visitor.yesterday I made this recipe from your blog and that was the first time i am doing it.It really came out very well.my family enjoyed having it.Thank you for yummy recipe.Your measurements and step by step representation is excellent and that made my try perfect.


  34. Hi sharmilee!.
    I am your frequent blog visitor.Yesterday i tried this recipe from your blog.It really came perfect.My family enjoyed a lot having it.you measurements and step by step presentation is excellent and that made my try perfect.Thank you for this yummy recipe.


  35. Can we use the normal rice flour available in market? is idiyappam flour different?? please guide. Thanks

    1. We get idiyappam flour seperately, either get that or use homemade rice flour(click on the link in the ingredients list for recipe)

  36. hai sharmi
    can i make this kolukattai in parboiled rice flour ?

  37. hi sharmilee..i've tried this recipe and it came out so good.my husband was so happy to have it.thank u..

    happy blogging :)

    i've a doubt.i'm new to baking and now trying quite a lot of recipes.while baking all my cakes and cupcakes comes out so dry and cracked.can u help me plz:(

    1. If its dry then add little more wet ingredients , only when the cake batter is very dry the cake will crack out....hope this helps!1

  38. will definitely try this out..thanks :)

  39. i am try this but my milk is curdling now what I am doing any remedies for this

    1. Switch off cool down then add jaggery and mix well


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