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Rice Flour Vadam - Easy Vathal Recipes

Rice Flour Vadam

I saw this Rice Flour Vadam in Nithis space and had bookmarked it earlier.So this year this was the first vadam recipe that I tried.As mittus teeth is falling one by one she complains that she is not able to chew anything hard and that includes store bought vadams too.Also she loves homemade vadams so its a additional push for me to try vadam recipes this summer.This rice flour vadams are so melting that she loved it so much...I wanted to avoid artificial colors and add vegetables colors but I remembered it only after the porridge was done and it was too late so had to go with what I had in hand at that time.

I shared this vadam in instagram too.

Rice Flour Vadam

Rice Flour Vadam

Rice Flour Vadam Recipe

Preparation Time:1 or 2 days | Cooking Time : 110 mins | Makes :1 and 1/2 cups
Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Rice Flour - 1/2 cup
Water - 3 cups
Jeera - 1 tsp
Green Chilli -1 small crushed
Salt - to taste


  1. Take 1 cup of water in a bowl, add rice flour to it.Mix it well with a whisk so that there are no lumps, make it to a smooth flowing paste do this off the stove.Now heat remaining 2 cups of water in a pan.Let it boil.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step1
  2. When it starts to boil,add rice flour mixture to boiling water keeping in sim.Keep cooking stirring continuously, it will start to thicken.Add required salt.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step2
  3. Like this to a more thickish porridge consistency, at this stage add crushed green chillies and jeera.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step3
  4. Cook again till it thickens will close to idli batter in consistency.Transfer to 3 different bowls and let it to cool down.It will thicken while cooling down so switch off accordingly.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step4
  5. Add colors, I added green,pink and left one as white itself.Take a spoon full and pour in plastic sheets / cloth.Slightly flatten it.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step5
  6. Do this till the entire mixture finishes.Letit dry in sun atleast for a day.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step6
  7. When it starts to turn crisp at the edges start peeling.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step7
  8. Peel it off and transfer to a tray and dry for another day or until it turns crisp.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step8
  9. Do this until the entire porridge gets over.Place it under the sun and let it dry for a day.Then store in a airtight box and fry when needed.Heat oil in a kadai - fry few vadams until crisp.It wil grow in size.
    How to make Rice Flour Vadam - Step9
Serve it with any variety rice of your choice or have it as such :)
Rice Flour Vadam

My Notes:

  • Don't make the porridge very thick as after cooling it thickens further so switch off accordingly.For the sago mixture to reach the porridge stage it roughly takes around 10-15mins.
  • You can use a plain white cloth or plastic sheet for drying the vadams.
  • I dried it in my corridor sunlight then transferred it to my balcony as I had to depend only on the 8AM-12PM sunlight as after that we don't get sunlight in our balcony/corridor.So after noon I just placed it in the balcony till evening just for the moisture to go, then fan dried it and peeled it stored in a container to protect it from ants :) Then again I sundried it the next day.
  • You can test fry 1 or 2 vadams and check...After deep frying if its crispy fully then the vadams are done you can store in airtight container.If it sticks in between your teeth and is chewy then it needs more drying.Dry for few more days in hot sun.
  • Adding colors is purely your choice, As I am trying this for the first time I wanted to play with colors :) If you natural colors then grind tomatoes and add it to the mixture to get a orange color and grind coriander leaves for green color.
  • Oil should be hot, test one vadam if it comes up(raises) immediately after its dropped then its the right heat you need.
  • It took me 2 days for the vadams to dry completely, it depends on the amount of sunlight you get.
  • If you are drying it in terrace then it will get dried in a day itself.
  • As I am doing it for the first time I made only little not in bulk.
Rice Flour Vadam
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Can we use double horse appam pathiri flour to make this vadam? Also, in tips section, u have mentioned sago instead of rice ....

    1. I used Appam/Idiyappam flour so that should be ok too

  2. First picture is so nice!! Looked like beautiful petals kept in a bowl, in my dashboard! :) <3

  3. Very colorful vadams... Can v do it in store bought rice flour thr any need of roasting rice flour before mixing in water..

  4. nice i will try.yr all cookings receips r perfect nd nice tks

  5. hi sharmi,its really beautiful.its just like flower petals.beautifully clicked.this is my favourite vathal than sago or other vathals.i was searching for this recipe for a long time.when i was a child mom and grandma used to make in bulk. this time i finished my vadam making in april itself.we ll not make vathals in agni nakshatram,so i have to make it in next summer only.i followed ur javarisi vathal and got it perfect.thanks for the recipes.

  6. I tried this one and followed all the procedures correctly but while drying my vadams got cracked and i got only biys ad piecesa of vadam :(.. I dried it insode my house where i get sun light.. let me know what woild be the mistake..

    1. You should make it thin when you lay the batter else it will crack


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