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Friday, March 6, 2009

Easy Carrot Halwa - Gajar ka halwa

Carrot Halwa / Gajar ka Halwa is one of the recipes that comes out well every time I make...And thats the 9th wonder in my case....;) Here goes the recipe from my kitchen...
Carrot halwa
Carrot Halwa Recipe  Ingredients
  • Carrot grated - 1.5 cups
  • Sugar - 1/4 cup
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Broken cashews - 1/2 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder - a pinch [optional]
  • Cashews - 5 to 6 broken and few whole cashews 
  • Ghee - 1 tbsp
Carrot halwa
1.Wash carrots, peel of the skin and grate them, set aside.Heat ghee in a pan and roast the cashews till golden brown and keep it aside. In the same pan, add grated carrot.Saute it in medium flame till raw smell leaves and it shrinks in volume.
Carrot halwa2.Add milk, sugar and allow it to boil till carrot becomes soft and gets cooked.It may take around 7-10mins.
Carrot halwa3.Continue to cook until the halwa gets thick, the ghee gets seperated and will come out on the sides of the pan.Add the cardamom powder, mix well, garnish with nuts and serve.Carrot halwaServe hot with a scoop of vanilla icecream - YUM!!
Carrot halwaMy Notes: 
  • Saute the carrots well until raw smell completely leaves before adding milk.
  • You can add a tbsp of paneer / sweetened khoya for more richness.
  • Adjust sweetness according to your preference.
  • You can even add 1:1 ratio for carrot:milk.
Carrot halwa

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Thanks for visiting my site. Loved your blog too. You've a lovely template. Even i'm in search of 3 column template.

    I love carrot halwa. Your halwa looks great!

  2. Love the color of the carrot halwa. Almonds go equally good with the halwa methinks.

  3. Sharmile..Thanks a ton for the lovely comment n visit..:) n ofcourse for adding me too..:)
    Love ur cute space..:)..I am crazzy abt carrot halwa's..I am seeing so many for RFRU now..wait till u see the roundup..:P..
    Looks yum with all the badams over it..:)

  4. oooooh yum!! it looks deeelicious, sharmilee..Thanks for sending it to my event..

  5. Tempting Halwa,luks delicious...Perfect!

  6. Hello Sharmile..

    Ur dish and presentation is really awesome... I want to try it...
    Please confirm the number of cups of milk that I should use... In the ingredients section I see 1 cup, but i see 2 cups in Method.. Plesae confirm me, Thanks for sharing...

  7. @Veni : Sorry its a typo, use only 1 cup of milk :)

  8. hey shartmi
    do we have to store it in fridge or outside ?

  9. @Mitha : It keeps well when kept in fridge for a day

  10. Hi i have stopped calling my mom for each recipe and now its ur blog which is doing my moms job.

    Thanks.. great job.

  11. @Sevvanthi : Thanks so much for those nice words....It just made my day!! :)

  12. hi... thanks for publishing this yummy recipe... on my first attempt...mmmm..superb taste

  13. Thanks for posting this yummy sweet. Today, I tried this and came out very well. If I try your recepies everyday soon I will cook better. hehe.. (My native is tirupur but now residing in US)

  14. the best carrot halwa ever i ate:) tried it on my birthday for few guests and they too liked it:) Keep up sharmilee:)Thank you for such a lovely mouth melting recipe :)

  15. i prepared this evening.. came out really well :) thanks a lot.. :) ur recipes are looking easy and tasty as well :)

  16. oh wow! I tried it today and it was perfection! :) thanks a ton. :)

  17. hi
    iam sathya rajagopal residing in US, came to this site thru jaishrees kitchen, will try tis and give u the feed back. did ur paneer payasam great output. thk u so much.

  18. i will eat this full...love the glass bowl

  19. i love this glass bowl...will finish this full.

  20. i prepared this delicious sweet last week
    Got Wonderful comments
    All credits to you sharmie ka :)
    Thank you

  21. Hi Sharmilee,

    I m a beginner in cooking I refer to your blogs.
    Whatever I have tried from your blogs, have come out well. :)

    Tnq and keep posting :)

  22. Is it coconut milk or full cream milk? I am not sure want to make it clear before trying it.

  23. my fav sweet.,...thanks for such a simple recipe. will try it soon :) you have an awesome blog of recipes....thanks for posting them for ppl like me :)

  24. My fav... I juz luv d richness wen khoya/mava is added...


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