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Vanilla Custard Powder Icecream Recipe (without icecream maker)

Vanilla Custard Powder Icecream Recipe

Custard powder icecream was on my to try list since last summer but I was not confident enough to scoop icecreams for clicking, I was skeptical whether the icecream would turn out creamy without using icecream maker.Last summer, Idid try the icecream but it didnt set properly and it was more of crystals so this time I googled around and got hold of this recipe and it is going to my keeper.

After trying lemon sorbet, I made up my mind to try this easy icecream and I was really very surprised seeing the creamy icecream.The only messy thing is to blend the icecream repeatedly to get the creamy texture...but think of the final result and yeah don't forget to lick the extras in the mixer each time you blend the icecream :)

This is the first time I am trying icecream at home and am so thrilled , happy and excited about the outcome and yes I am completely satisfied :) Everyone loved it at home, especially mittu.When I made lemon sorbet I promised her to make a icecream for her to compensate as she is not fond of lemon flavour, So when she returned back from school it was homemade custard powder icecream treat for her and she was so happy and gave a big thumps up.

Vanilla Custard Powder Icecream Recipe

I modified the orginal recipe a bit according to my preference and came up with this recipe.I love to scoop icecreams and now even more happy to scoop homemade icecream :) This is the first time I used homemade fresh cream for desserts and it came out sooo good. Clicking icecreams is sure challenging as it melts so fast so I had to be so quick in clicking...somehow managed to click few decent shots that I have posted here :)

This icecream tasted more like vanilla icecream.Now no more excuses get on to make homemade icecream and treat your kids!

Vanilla Custard Powder Icecream Recipe

Custard Powder Icecream Recipe

Preparation Time:6 hrs | Freezing Time : 8 hrs | Makes:4 popsicles
Recipe Category: Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: World | Recipe Reference: Welcometomyrasoi

Boiled Milk - 2 and 1/4 cups
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Vanilla Custard Powder - 2 tbsp
Fresh Cream - 4 tbsp (I used homemade)


  1. In 1/4 cup milk add custard powder and mix well to form a thick paste,Set aside.Boil milk, add sugar.
    How to make custard powder icecream - Step1
  2. Mix well till sugar completely dissolves.Now add custard powder mixture mix well till it thickens.Keep stirring continuously in low flame to avoid lumps.
    How to make custard powder icecream - Step2
  3. At one stage the custard will be thick but in pourable consistency more like our dosa batter,At this stage switch off.Cool down completely then add  fresh cream, whisk it well.
    How to make custard powder icecream - Step3
  4. Pour it into a freezer safe bowl and freeze it for 2-3 hrs.Then scoop out and blend it in a mixer.
    How to make custard powder icecream - Step4
  5. Blend it until smooth.Then freeze it again for 2 hrs then blend again, do this atleast for 4-5 times in total.Finally freeze it for atleast 6-8 hrs.Once taken from the freezer it will look very hard, leave it aside for 5-10mins, then scoop out.
    How to make custard powder icecream - Step5
  6. Serve immediately.
Vanilla Custard Powder Icecream Recipe

My Notes:

  • You can use any custard powder flavour of your choice.You can even try rasberry / strawberry.
  • If you have handmixer then its easy for u, just whisk using it then freeze it.
  • I used homemade fresh cream and it came out super good.You can use Amul fresh cream.
  • Use freezer safe bowls to freeze it.
  • You can use sprinklers or choco chips as garnish or even nuts / tutti frutti.
  • When freezed for the final time, leave aside for few mins then scoop it else it will be hard and you will not perfect scoops.
  • I always use Pillsbury or Weikfield custard powder, both are equally good.
  • Adjust sugar according to your taste, 1/2 cup was perfect for us.
  • For a more rich icecream add 2 tbsp condensed milk.
  • The icecream keeps well for about a week if freezed.
Vanilla Custard Powder Icecream Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Nice snaps and tempting....Waiting to see Mittu b'day celebration upadates.. :)

  2. Hi sharmi delicious icecream.i want to try this.was it soft.and not karmura.thanks for the recipe.surely i ll try.

  3. Super easy recipe for homemade ice cream thank you. :)

  4. indeed delicious, as u said blending more times is sick, otherwise home made are the best

  5. ice cream looks delicious and tempting me....

  6. I love the pictures.... They make me actually note down the recipe and eventually land up making it in my kitchen... :):) You can make anyone cook.

  7. Honestly this seems a dream to me.. such yummy ice cream and that too without an ice cream maker!!
    Check out RuskAndTea's latest post here

  8. This one is in my to do list for a long time too... I make this.. But never got a chance to click :) Loved yours..

  9. Today I prepared,turned yummy,thank you sharmi:-)

  10. Today I tried same method but with ice cream powder.
    Came out well
    But it tastes like slightly maavu taste why?
    Will tell me please

    1. If the custard is not cooked properly it will let out a raw taste....

  11. Can cream be skipped ???
    I am using Full Cream Milk... please advise.

  12. Hi Sharmi,at which stage should we add condensed milk

  13. Nice recipe,
    It’s really a mouth-watering ice cream recipe, you have provided us.
    Have you used KitchenAid ice cream maker to make this delicious ice cream, if yes please tell me where to buy this in India

    1. No I havent used kitchenaid,You can try with normal mixie itself, beating several times gives the icecream a nice soft creamy texture

  14. I tried this already 2 times and it came out very well. Thanks for the recipe

  15. Tried this tasted delicious. Thanks for this lovely recipe. :)

  16. Hii Sharmi,I am 19 years old boy and I am learning cooking. It was my first time making ice-cream and it really came up well. Thank you so much for your recipe my parents loved the ice-cream. You made my day 😊😊😊✌️


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