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Monday, May 20, 2013

Garlic Rasam Recipe - Poondu Rasam - How to make rasam | Easy Rasam Recipes

Garlic Rasam Recipe
Garlic Rasam is one of the very common rasam recipes(with no rasam powder) we often make especially for for those cold rainy days pairing it with rice, rasam, paruppu thogayal and apalam which makes the best comforting lunch  combo! One of the very few recipes I learnt while I started cooking was rasam but still it took almost a year to confidently post it here as I wanted to perfect myself first before I share it to you :) I have already posted paruppu rasam recipe long back, but promise to post more rasam recipes often.
Garlic Rasam Recipe

Garlic Rasam Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Tamarind - 1 small gooseberry size
Coriander leaves - a handful
Salt - to taste

To grind coarsely:

Garlic pearls - 5 small
Green Chillies - 1
Pepper Corns - 1/2 tsp
Jeera - 1/2 tsp

To temper:

Oil / Ghee - 2 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Hing - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Red Chillies - 2
Garlic pearls - 4 whole with skin crushed
Tomato - 1 small chopped roughly


    1.Grind the ingredients listed under 'to grind coarsely' to a coarse mixture.Set aside. Crush the whole garlic with skin just roughly and set asideGarlic Rasam Recipe - Step1 2.Soak tamarind in 1.5cups of water and extract pulp.Add the coarsely ground mixture to this and mix well.Set aside.Garlic Rasam Recipe - Step2 3.In a pan - heat oil add the ingredient listed under 'to temper' saute for few mins till raw smell of tomato leaves.Boil the tamarind mixture for 3mins for the raw smell of tamarind along with crushed items to leave...then add the tempered items to the tamarind mixture.Garlic Rasam Recipe - Step3 4.Add required salt and let it simmer for 2mins.When the rasam is frothy and is boiling, garnish with coriander leaves and switch off the flame immediately. Garlic Rasam Recipe - Step4
Serve hot with rice and any curry of your choice!
Garlic Rasam Recipe

My Notes:

  • Make sure to boil the tamarind with crushed items for the raw smell to leave. Then just leave for a single rolling boil , dont let the rasam boil for more time thats the main key to make a good rasam.
  • Dont make rasam in iron vessels, it will make the rasam taste change and sometimes bitter too
  • I love eating whole garlic so always add few while tempering.
  • You can even add 2-3 tbsp of cooked and mashed toor dal for extra flavour and thickness
Poondu Rasam Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. looks very tempting, love rasam

  2. Love this Rasam with piping hot rice,love the vessel in which u prepared it...

  3. Your last line says "serve as a tea time snack"!!

  4. Your last line says "serve as a tea time snack" !!

  5. Love this version of super flavorful rasam. Going to try this for sure

  6. Flavourful and my comforting food. Love this garlic rasam.

  7. I addicted to garlic.. looks too good. I can finish the whole bucket...I did this weekend also.

  8. Garlic is very good for health.. Thanks for such a healthy recipe..


  9. very healthy and easy drink.have to make this one today.

  10. Wow ! Healthy and flavored rasam..

  11. Very tempting

  12. Am sooooo drooling.. very aromatic and very flavorful rasam... so yummy!!!

  13. I made this today. Turned out perfect and flavorful sharmi

  14. I always love poondu rasam, love the pictures and prestation

  15. Garlic Rasam is our fav too..rasam looks perfect n inviting...

  16. This is one of my fav rasam. My mom used to make this quite often when i was a kid.

  17. Yummy!! Just made it and it came out awesome. I left out the green chillies and garlic from the grinding part, but followed other steps. I am going to adopt this method henceforth :) Thanks!

  18. Hi Sharmilee,
    can we dry roast cumin and pepper?i followed the recipe as it is but found that the spices were not properly ground as they were raw.....why have u not dry roasted the spices....do we need to take them raw only for this recipe....?

    1. Yes we usually grind the spices raw for garlic rasam...as anyways it is going to boil with other ingredients we dont find the raw smell..But if you prefer you can dry roast and grind cumin, pepper and then add it.

  19. Great recipe, perfect results. Thank you!

  20. Pramadham!Going to make it !Thank you :)

  21. Looks delicious! Thank you. :)

  22. Tried it today came out really well...Thanks for the recipe..

  23. Tried this rasam today..came out really well...Thanks for the recipe..

  24. Hi Sharmi,

    Made this yesterday. Hubby loved it. Thanks so much!

  25. Hi, Sharmi.

    Thank you so much for your recipe. My husband loves my rasam but he always says there's like something missing but he doesn't know what. Hahahaha.

    I would love to try your recipe but I have no idea what hing is. Can you let me know?

  26. Sharmi, am a big big fan of ur space and even on the pan u used here. Thought of buying this pan, just a quick question, is there any specific name for this pan ?

  27. Rasam came out very good .Whenver I make it will be very thick, now it is in perfect consistency. Thank you so much for the recipe

  28. came out really good, perfect consistency whenver I make it wll be very thick. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  29. Hi Sharmi,
    I tried this rasam really came out well, thank u for this recipie

  30. Dear Sharmee deedi, myself Smitha.......gr8 one...tried this....keep going....Actually this is the first time im trying out something from the cookery pages....am really impressed with ur clicks...n the way u present each n every dish...god bless u...n ur family...

  31. Hi sharmiiii... perfect recipe.. it was just awesome... my lil ones loved it.. thank u so much for these lovely, tasty recipes...


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