Friday, May 18, 2012

Vendakkai Poriyal (Okra / Bhindi Stir Fry)

I had been meaning to click and post this simple stir fry recipe since long but most of the times I make this stir fry in a hurry burry so this delay. Stir fries are always healthy and they do make a nice combo with both regular meals and variety rice.
Vendakkai Poriyal  Recipe

Vendakkai Poriyal Recipe - Ingredients
  • Ladies Finger(Vendakkai) - 10 to 12
  • Onion - 1  finely chopped
  • Turmeric powder - a pinch
  • Coconut grated -  2 tbsp
  • Salt - to taste
To Temper:
  • Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Urad Dal - 1/2 tsp
  • Jeera - 1/2 tsp
  • Curry leaves - few
  • Green Chillies -1 long chopped finely
  • Sesame Oil - 2 tsp

Vendakkai Poriyal Recipe
1.Wash the okras, dry them well using tissue paper. Then cut the head and tail part and chop them into thin circles as shown below.Set aside.
Vendakkai Poriyal Recipe - Step1
2.Heat oil, add the items under ' to temper' then add onion and fry till slightly browned. Then add okras and saute till it shrinks in volume.
Vendakkai Poriyal Recipe - Step2
3.When it starts shrinking in volume and the stickiness is reduced, sprinkle little water and cook covered for 3mins until it turns soft. Then give a quick stir, add required salt and turmeric powder. Keep stirring.
Vendakkai Poriyal Recipe - Step44.Once the stickiness is fully gone and it turns dry and slightly browned add the coconut. Give a quick stir and switch it off.
Vendakkai Poriyal Recipe - Step3
We had it with rice and favourite combo.

Okra / Bhindi Stir Fry Recipe
My Notes:
  • While getting ladies finger , always check by bending the tail part if it breaks easily then its tender and good to go.
  • I always use nonstick pan for this stir fry as it reduces the oil to be used to avoid the stickiness in the okras.
  • Do not add more water just sprinkle little say 1-2 tsp not more than that - this is just to ensure cooking of okras soft.
  • The trick is to cook the okras without stickiness and without changing the color.
Okra / Bhindi Stir Fry Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Sharmi, this is a family fav...superb clicks as usual...

  2. Today for my lunch but without coconut. I too make them in a hurry and don't get time to click picture.I like the second picture a lot.

  3. My favorite method of preparing this veggie .. looks yummy.


  4. Nicely made bhindi poriyal...These poriyals are just perfect with sambar them.
    I have made beans poriyal today.

  5. i love bhindi and this is the way i usually make it !! just love this vegi .

    love your step by step clicks

  6. Yummy looking poriyal,we do the same way....

  7. Love this veggie so much,nice recipe..

  8. Vendakkai poriyal is always so simple and delicious. I microwave the okra before sauteeing them and that helps reduce the stickiness.

  9. I like with rasam rice - delicious okra poriyal!

  10. Hi Sharmi ,

    I'm Punitha ,
    Frankly speaking Sharmi ,
    you are too matured and highly talented person.
    Nice demonstration. I like vendaikai poriyal...

  11. yummy, try adding some peanuts like we do in tamarind rice. And it is double yum. Great pictures.

  12. Even prepared this poriyal for our lunch today,my fav with curd rice.

  13. Not so fond of vendakkya.But the poriyal looks lovely,in other words non-sticky.Great combo with sambhar!

  14. Hey Sharmi!! This is super fantastic and it turned out really well. Thanks a ton!!

  15. Hii Sharmi....Happy New Year, I am a great fan of yours. I like cooking, really i am getting inspired from your blog...all the best...

  16. Hii Sharmi....Happy New Year to u and ur fly!!!...Superb dishes ..and love the way you are presenting...I am a regular follower of your blog..

  17. Hy sharmi . Tried it out today . Came out really wel . Thank u:)


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