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Nethili fry recipe
Nethili fry recipe a crispy fry with anchovies, serves as a great starter and as a sidedish too
Author: Sharmilee J
  1. Clean anchovies well, rinse it twice atleast in turmeric water and take it in a mixing bowl.Add all other ingredients listed under 'to marinade'.Mix well first then sprinkle little water and mix well.Fish should be coated well.
  2. Keep covered at least for 15 mins.Heat enough oil in a kadai - add the fish pieces into it.Add in batches.
  3. Flip over and fry.Fry until golden brown.Repeat to finish.Finally add curry leaves and fry until crisp.This is just for garnish.
Recipe Notes

Marinade time for this is just 15 mins but if you have time leave it for an hour.