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Jangiri Recipe - How to make Jangiri

Jangiri Recipe
Jangiri Recipe with step by step pictures.This Jangiri recipe is from ammas old cookbook.Jangiri or Jhangiri is a very popular indian sweet prepared for Diwali or any other festive occasions.I love jangiri,in some sweet shops they use rose flavour and in some they use saffron like A2B, both of them tastes equally good. I have never even dreamed of making jangiri myself, I was always hesitant drawing patterns in hot oil and always thought it was a distant dream and it will remain so but this year gained courage, confidence to attempt Jangiri.

After making jalebi, I got little confidence then and with the motivation from Lavi, thought I should give it a try this year and to my surprise it came out perfect....yayy I am soo happy my dream has come true! :)

Jangiri Recipe
I tell you its not that difficult as it seems and looks to be, to me it is easy than gulab jamun and kaju katli.If I am able to draw these patterns in a decent way then am sure any one can so do try...I have given all the tips and tricks.The only regret is I didn't get even sized jangiris, I am sure will get it by practice.

Though clicking jangiri is a bit tricky, I think have done justice to it :) Waiting for your feedback!
Jangiri Recipe

Jangiri Recipe

Preparation Time:10 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Makes:around 30 medium sized pieces
Recipe Category: Sweets | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Whole urad dal(without skin) - 1/2 cup
Rice - 1/2 tbsp(I used idli rice)
Salt - a tiny pinch
Orange Food Color - few drops

For the sugar syrup:

Sugar - 3/4 cup
Water -1/2 cup
Rose Essence - few drops
Orange Food Color - few drops
Lemon Juice - 1/2 tsp


  1. Rinse rice and urad dal twice,then soak for 2 hrs.I forgot to click the picture while adding rice.
    How to make Jangiri - Step1
  2. Then grind it in a wet grinder with very little water.Grind it to a thick batter like medu vada batter.Scrap the sides every now and then.Grind it for atleast 30-40mins.When you take a pinch of the batter and put it in water, it should float that's the right consistency.The batter should be more like butter very smooth and light.
    How to make Jangiri - Step2
  3. Look at the batter fluffy and smooth.Take it a mixing bowl, add salt and food color to it.Set aside.
    How to make Jangiri - Step3
  4. In parallel make the sugar syrup - Take sugar in a wide bottomed pan,add water to it and let it boil.When it becomes thick and sticky start checking for string consistency.When it is half string that is it will start to form 1 string but will not stand thats the stage we are looking for, switch off.
    How to make Jangiri - Step4
  5. Add rose essence and food color.
    How to make Jangiri - Step5
  6. Then add lemon juice, Set aside.The syrup will be sticky, it will thicken with time,to avoid crystallisation we are adding lemon juice.Now get ready with your piping bag or ziplock cover or jangiri cloth.Amma gave this cloth but I was comfortable using ziplock only so used it.
    How to make Jangiri - Step6
  7. Mix the batter well for the color and salt to be mixed evenly.Take a ziplock cover fill it with the batter,cut a small hole.
    How to make Jangiri - Step7
  8. First I tried in a plate,it is not bad right?! Heat oil, oil temperature is very important it should not smoking hot, it should be hot.Squeeze and draw patterns,do not crowd much.
    How to make Jangiri - Step8
  9. I used my paniyaram laddle to flip.You can use a skewer or wooden chopstick too.Flip over and cook.Deep fry till both sides are slightly crisp but color should not change.Drain and remove from oil.
    How to make Jangiri - Step9
  10. Quickly add to warm syrup for 3-5 mins for each batch,then drain and arrange it in a plate.Repeat the process till the entire batter finishes.Finally after all the jangiris are fried,you can pour the remaining syrup over the jangiris.
    How to make Jangiri - Step10
Jangiri Recipe

Yummy juicy jangiris ready to be relished..Are you ready?! :D
Jangiri Recipe

My Notes:

  • If you are not comfortable in drawing the pattern just draw small swirls over and over to get mini jangiris.
  • Use a flat bottomed pan to fry the jangiris.Do not crowd while frying as it may stick to each other and lose shape.
  • Give an hour atleast standing time for the syrup to be absorbed well.
  • Use good quality urad dal for getting nice fluffy batter.
  • The quantity I have mentioned is for the batter grinded in wet grinder.If you are grinding in mixie you may a little less.
  • I saw in a video where they add a tsp of ghee in the sugar syrup for extra flavour,though I did not try it this time,the idea was good.
  • Oil temperature is very important, if its fuming hot you will not be able to draw the patterns.So regulate heat as and when required.
  • If you keep the sugar syrup too thick then by the time all the jangiris are fried it would become very thick and will not be sufficient at the end.So half string consistency is enough.
  • I made medium sized jangiris, the size is purely upto your preference.
  • You can make a bigger hole to get a bigger sized jangiri.
  • If you are scared of drawing patterns , you can keep the pan off the flame draw the patterns then keep it on the flame.I did this for a the first batch alone,then slowly gained confidence and started drawing straightaway in flame itself.
  • I recommend grinding the batter in wet grinder but grinding in mixie is also ok.If the batter becomes a little loose add 1-2 tsp of rice flour.Do not add more.
  • If you are grinding it in mixie the batter will be little flowing and the floating in water technique will not work so don't test it.
  • Fry until its golden else it will become chewy and not crispy.
  • The cooking time of jangiri purely depends on the size and thickness of the jangiri.
Jangiri Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Hi sharmi,

    I tried jangiri now using your recipe.but mine was crispy not like store bought one. Why that is so?

    Thank you.

    1. If you overcook,it may turn crispy....but anyways it will become soft after it absorbs sugar syrup

  2. Hai sharmi...good morning.I am new visiter for ur blog.Realy iam impressed on ur presentation.when iam search for otg ,i found ur blog.i like ur posts.please suggest which is best for baking.i decided to buy bajaj me to find best one and also where to buy in coimbatore. Thankyou

  3. Hi Sharmi nice clicks on Jangiri. While reading this post u mentioned about a2b. Do u have any idea about paneer Jammu sold there. There are few recipes on the net. But they come nowhere near the original. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey awesome sharmi, iam surely gonna give it a try. Its looks scrumptious.

  5. I tried this and it came out amazing,....thanks a lot

  6. Hi .... it look fabulous.... to grind the both dal and rice in same time or to
    Grind separately ....

  7. Wonderful recipe, easy to follow and turned out to be yummy! Thanks for posting it, this diwali it was 'jangiri' special for us :)


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