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Apple Puree for Babies - How to make apple puree for babies

Apple Puree for Babies

Apple Puree can be given to babies from 4th month itself(only if you opt to start solids at this month).Apple is one of the first few fruits best to be introduced to babies.It is also a good laxative so helps for easy digestion.

Please remember mothers feed is the best and its always good to start with other food only after the baby finishes 6 months.This 4-5 months baby food recipes will help those who are not able to breast feed due to personal / medical conditions.Always consult your pediatrician before introducing any new food.

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Apple Puree for Babies

Apple Puree for Babies - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Serves: 2 feeds
Recipe Category: Baby Food| Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Apple - 1 cup
Water - little more than 1/4 cup or as needed


  1. Take a small apple, wash it well.Cut it, remove the skin and seeds.
    How to make Apple Puree for Babies - Step1
  2. Chop it roughly into cubes.Take it in a sauce pan, add water.
    How to make Apple Puree for Babies - Step2
  3. Cook in medium flame until it turns soft, it will look transparent and when you prick with a knife / spoon it should easily go inside.It will take just few mins.This is the right stage, switch off and cool down.
    Hot to make Apple Puree for Babies - Step3
  4. Take it in a blender and puree it.
    Hot to make Apple Puree for Babies - Step4
  5. Feed immediately.
Apple Puree for Babies

My Notes:

  • Cook apple until it is soft, you can see the transparency or just press and see to check if it has cooked to perfection.
  • Do not add more water, just water till immersing level is just enough.
  • Puree it along with the water.Do not strain water.
  • You can pressure cook for 2 whistles too.
  • Cook covered to retain the nutrients.
Apple Puree for Babies
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Lot of good posts.
    Variation for the apple purée. I used to give like this for my son and daughter when they were 6 months - steam the apples. Cool it. Blend it in a blender or mixer with a little bit of milk. From 8 months we can start adding a cashew, almonds, pistachio 1 or 2 each to the blender after soaking them in the warm milk that can be used for pureeing.

  2. I used to steam cook apple for my kid with no water as Apple tends to leave water on being cooked..this is an other version..I like all your recipes..keep up your good work..

  3. For Apple puree the heading is wrongly typed as wheat cerelac recipe

  4. Yes, this is such nice picture and this type vegetable best for health, it is looking fresh and in satya nketan delhi

  5. Hi sharmi,my baby is 3.5 months old,when can I start to give her.what all foods can be given to her.waiting for ur reply.thanks in advance


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