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Sterling by the Valley,Kodaikanal - A Review

Sterling by the Valley - Kodaikanal - A Review
Its been a while since I posted a food and travel post so thought to share my experiences during our recent trip to Kodaikanal.This is more of the resort review as we chose to stay in the resort this time as with the minion I just wanted to relax so didn't explore the places this time.

As soon as mittus vacation started, from day 1 she was asking where are we going for vacation? as most of her friends were on a trip.Finally when we decided on a trip my choice was to go some less crowded place,just sit back relax, and come back.But hubby wanted to go to some hillstation so chose Kodaikanal.I did take my Nikon SLR but couldnt even manage to take it outside so all the pictures posted here are from my mobile.

Note : This is not a paid review and the review is based on the food I tasted and experiences when we stayed there and it totally depends on my taste and preferences.  
Palani Hill

We started our journey around 5:00AM.Hubby wanted to drive so we didn't book any driver this time too.Both the kids were sleeping so we had a calm and peaceful journey.

We reached Palani around 7:30AM, as it was too early and the kids were sleeping, We planned to have our breakfast at Kodaikanal itself.We reached the outskirts of the city around 9:30 but checked into the resort only at 11 as the traffic was heavy and then we had a tough time to find the resort as the name board was missing in the resort.

We planned this trip all at the last minute so couldn't get Sterling for the first day so hubby booked in a resort named RTHillview for the first day alone.The resort was pretty decent with a big room, a lobby and a balcony too(I forgot to click the picture).
Kodai Mist

We put all our baggages in the room and went to a near by hotel for breakfast as there was no food available in the resort at that time.We had our breakfast in the nearby hotel, I liked their egg omlette very much.Atter our breakfast we relaxed at the resort while the dad and daughter went ahead to explore the city.

I took the induction stove so it was easy for me to make the porridges for gugu.

Sterling by the Valley

We spent the rest of the day in the resort itself.The minion was sleeping too so I had a good sleep too :)

We ordered paneer pakora and tea for snacktime.Paneer pakora was like bajji but taste was good.But I could rate the resort restaurant after tasting these :P

Sterling by the Valley

Around 6PM we started out to have our dinner, it started to rain.the traffic was worse vehicles were moving inch by inch and we finally managed to find a hotel and a parking place too.We had our dinner at a hotel named Hilltop Inn, below you can see the pic, the taste was very average.We reached the resort and had a good sleep.

The next day morning we had our buffet complementary breakfast at the resort(see the tiled pic below).The spread was limited and also the taste was :(

RTHill View Tile

After breakfast we left the resort and reached sterling around 12PM.

Sterling by the Valley

It was mothers day and a big banner welcomed us at the reception.Mittu quickly went and wrote her wishes and asked me to come and read it...:) We spent the whole day there didnt step out at all.There were lot of activities going on inside the resort itself both for the kids and parents as well.We enjoyed the events too along with the kids.

Sterling by the Valley

The room we stayed in had a nice big lobby with a separate kitchen space then bedroom.Both the lobby and bedrooms had balconies with views where we can sit and relax.The kitchen counter had a microwave oven with few bowls and plates.

Though the pics in the website did not match upto the one we stayed still it was great and we loved it.

Sterling by the Valley

Sterling by the Valley

We had our lunch and dinner buffet there and I could not even explain / click all the pictures of the wide spread of items...yes it was so wide and each dish was so good.Even amidst the huge crowd they were refilling the items as soon as the items got over.

I loved the restaurant it was quite a big one to accommodate even a big crowd during the peak season.
Sterling by the Valley

This was just a part of the lunch buffet we had.As usual I resorted on my fav North Indian menu.Apart from the North Indian and South Indian spread, even a part of Continental and World cuisine was covered too.There was a live counter for roti/nan/phulka which they served us hot.We ate and ate and I must admit I am scared to check my weight after our trip ;)

Sterling by the Valley

The dessert spread was great.....mittu just loved it.I loved the kesari so much that I helped myself with second serving too :)

Sterling by the Valley

After our lunch we went around the resort then returned back to our room.It was a misty rainy evening as you can see.The dinner spread was excellent too,no complaints at all(one pic in the tile)

Sterling by the Valley

Next day morning it was complementary breakfast.Uff  We were tired of eating by then...hte spread had name tehy have it.Additionally there was a separate dosa counter where they served us all types of dosas as per our demand and omlettes too.

Sterling by the Valley
After our breakfast we went to coakers walk and Kurinji Andavar temple and came back to the resort.

Sterling by the Valley

Though we didn't explore the city much, overall we had a relaxing trip and great family time which was the main motive of this trip :)

Kodai Mist

Sterling by the Valley
NOTE : This is an unpaid review and the review is based on the food I tasted and experiences when we stayed there and it totally depends on my taste and preferences.  

Written by: SHARMILEE J

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