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Mango Sorbet Recipe - Easy Sorbet Recipes

Mango Sorbet Recipe

Mango Sorbet is one of my most favs of all the mango recipes I tried this summer.Sorbet is basically water + sugar + fruit combo frozen, churned well to break the ice crystals to get a smoother finish.It is sure a healthier option to icecreams.

Though I am not fond of mangoes and most of mango dishes I tried was relished by amma,this mango sorbet was one among my favs in my tries this year

Mango Sorbet Recipe

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Mango Sorbet Recipe

Mango Sorbet Recipe

Preparation Time:10 mins | Processing Time : 8 hrs | Serves:2
Recipe Category: Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Mangoes pulp - 1 cup(I used 3 small mangoes)
Sugar - 1/4 cup heaped
Water - 1/4 cup
Lemon Juice - 1/2 tbsp


  1. Take sugar in a pan, add water to it and heat it up.Boil until sugar dissolves completely.Then switch off and set aside to cool.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step1
  2. Take mango flesh in a blender and puree it.Measure and keep aside.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step2
  3. To the cooled sugar syrup add mango puree and lemon juice.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step3
  4. Whisk it well.Now transfer this to a freezer safe box.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step4
  5. After an hour or 2,using a fork break the crystals formed.Do this every 2 hrs.Or you can take this in a mixer jar and run it once.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step5
  6. Then again freeze the mixture.Repeat this for 4 times atleast.I did with fork for 2 times and blended for 2 times.The more you blend the creamier and softer the sorbet.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step6
  7. This is the last time and see how creamy it is.Transfer to a freezer safe box and freeze for atleast 6-8 hrs.I kept it overnight.
    How to make Mango Sorbet Recipe  - Step7
Scoop and serve immediately.
Mango Sorbet Recipe

My Notes:

  • My mangoes were very sweet so added just 1/4 cup sugar, you can increase if you want.
  • Using fork to break the crystals helps but I recommend blending atleast 2 to 3times for a smoother texture.
  • Lemon juice adds a tanginess which I loved the most, but should be used to bring texture too,so do not skip it.
  • I used Grape variety of mango which has a deep yellow color and was less in fibre.
  • The more times you blend the more creamier the texture will be.
  • I freezed it overnight, it will be hard when taken out.Leave in room temperature for 2mins then scoop and serve.
Mango Sorbet Recipe
Written by: SHARMILEE J

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