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Cookies and Biscuit Recipes

Cookies and Biscuit Recipes
Cookies and Biscuit Recipes Collection including Sugar CookiesShortbread Cookies,Chocolate Cookies,Oats CookiesCornflakes CookiesJeera biscuits etc

Preparation Time varies from : 10 mins to 40 mins
[NOTE : timing varies for each recipe]
Recipe Category:  Cookies | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Click on each thumbnail for the recipes :

Cookie Recipes

Choco Chip CookiesOats Choco Chip CookiesChoco Chip CookiesAlmond Oats Cookies
Choco Chip CookiesOats Choco Chip CookiesChoco Chip CookiesAmond Oats Cookies
Sugar CookiesOats Raisin CookiesFruit CookiesShortbread Cookies
Sugar Cookies with Royal IcingOats Raisin CookiesFruit CookiesShortbread Cookies

Oats Cornflakes CookiesCornflakes CookiesChoco Oats CookiesMillet Cookies
Oats Cornflakes CookiesCornflakes CookiesOats Choco Chip CookiesMillet Cookies
Nankhatai CookiesThumbprint CookiesSnickerdoodle CookiesSnowball Cookies
Nankhatai CookiesThumbprint CookiesSnickerDoodle CookiesSnowball Cookies
Peanut Butter CookiesChocolate Crinkle CookiesGigerbreadmen CookiesLittle Heart Cookies
Peanut Butter CookiesCrinkle CookiesGinger Bread Men CookiesLittle Heart Cookies

Little Heart CookiesLittle Heart Cookies
Chocolate Glaze CookiesLinzer Cookies

Biscuit Recipes

Cumin BiscuitsJam BiscuitsChocolate Vanilla Yo Yo BiscuitsMasala Biscuits
Wheat Cumin BiscuitsJam BiscuitsVanilla Choco BiscuitsMasala Biscuits
Oats Crackers
Oats Crackers

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. What a fantastic collection!Would rival any internationally selling cookbook!

  2. How to make cookies without oven?I am so tempted by your collection to try one.


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