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Paal Sarbath Recipe - Ramnad Nannari Milk Sarbath

Paal Sarbath Recipe

Paal Sarbath is a very popular drink in Ramnad district.This milk sarbath has nannari syrup and badam pisin both are natural body coolants and an excellent combination when served together.After making jigarthanda, I had nannari syrup and badam pisin so thought to make this drink and post it.Actually last year itself I clicked this milk sarbath when I made homemade nannari syrup but was dissatisfied with the clicks so clicked again few days back to post it here.

Paal Sarbath Recipe

Paal Sarbath Recipe

Preparation Time:8 hrs | Cooking Time : 2 mins | Serves:1
Recipe Category: Juice | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Milk - 1 cup
Badam pisin(Almond Gum) - 2 tbsp(after soaking)
Nannari Syrup - 1 tbsp
Icecubes - 2


  1. Meanwhile prepare the jelly, add a tbsp of badam pisin in a bowl rinse it in water then add water and keep covered undisturbed overnight.It will increase in volume, if you see any brown spots then remove it carefully and use the rest.You need to add more water as it grows in volume.The water shown below will not be enough, I added more at a later stage.
    How to make Paal Sarbath Recipe - Step4
  2. Get ready with all your ingredients.Take a glass, add a tbsp of nannari syrup.Then add badam pisin with few icecubes.
    How to make Paal Sarbath Recipe - Step1
  3. Add milk till little below the rim of the glass, mix well with a spoon.
    How to make Paal Sarbath Recipe - Step1
Serve immediately.

My Notes:

  • You can also add a scoop of icecream.
  • Traditionally they don't ad icecream just milk,nannari syrup and badam pisin.
Paal Sarbath Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


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