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Chocolate Nutella Popsicles Recipe - Chocolate Popsicles

Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

Chocolate Popsicles!!! Yayyy I wanted to try chocolate popsicles last year itself but due to my lack of experience in making popsicle and demoulding them, I was hesitant in experimenting new recipes so was sticking with the basic easy popsicle recipes.I am crazy after popsicles not that I like it eat it, I love the making and demoulding part and to see the popsicles come out clean, I would jump in joy.And coming to clicking part, it is sure the most challenging to click popsicles atleast for me.

I searched online for chocolate popsicles and decided to go on with my own creation and it came out so creamy and yummy.I had just few last spoons of nutella so added it for extra yumminess ;)

As mittu loves popsicles its a double treat for me this year to try more popsicles. I also made paal ice which I shared in instagram, will be posting  it soon.
Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

I wanted to buy this straw popsicle mould and kept searching online but the ones I saw either were too expensive or I didn't like the colors of the lid....Oh yeah I am too specific in all these silly things :)

One fine morning I saw this straw popsicle mould in and I atonce asked hubby to order it.....:)) My close friends would know how much I adore anything which comes in colorsss and this mould is of no exception.The most interesting thing about this straw popsicle mould is that melted part doesn't drip out instead collects in the base which can be sucked through the straw on the side...Cool isnt it?! :)

Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

Preparation Time:8 hrs | Processing Time : 10 mins | Makes:4 popsicles
Recipe Category: Popsicles | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Milk - 2 cups
Water - 2 to 3 tsp
Cornflour - 2 tsp
Coco powder - 1 tsp
Nutella - 2 tbsp
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Choco Chips - 2 tbsp(I used dark chocochips)


  1. Take milk in a pan and boil it.Meanwhile in a bowl add cornflour with little water to make a smooth paste then add coco powder to it and mix it well without any lumps.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step1
  2. Boil milk and add cornflour coco powder mixture and whisk it well.Then add choco chips and mix well, keep stirring till it gets dissolved.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step2
  3. Then add nutella and sugar.Mix well.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step3
  4. Once the mixture starts to thicken slightly switch off and keep aside to cool.It should be pourable not spoonable, don't let it to thicken more just a creamy milk consistency.Cool down completely.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step4
  5. Take your popsicle mould and rinse it well.Fill the chocolate milk to 3/4th of the popsicle mould,close it with a lid and freeze for atleast 8 hrs or overnight.Next day take it out and carefully show the outer surface under running tap water.Carefully pull out the popsicles.
    How to make grape popsicle - Step5
Serve immediately!
Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

My Notes:

  • Dont have a popsicle mould?! dont worry use disposable plastic cups or even thick paper cups cling wrap aluminium foil and us icecream sticks and freeze it.It demoulds easily or you can even cut the cups to get the popsicles out.
  • Make sure to cool down the mixture completly before adding it to the mould.
  • Adding choco chips is purely optional but I would recommend to give it more chocolate flavour.
  • Adjust sugar according to sweetness of the chocolate you are using.I used semi sweet dark chocolate chips.If your choco chips is sweet then reduce sugar.
  • Freezing for atleast 8 hrs is required but I kept it overnight.
  • For easy demoulding - show the popsicle moulds in warm water, then pull the stick out slowly to get the ice pops clean.
Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Wow...!Nutella popsicles...
    its inviting

  2. I m drooling at these little wonders. Yummy

  3. hi Iam new to make cakes and muffins can u suggest me what kind of oven to make these things if possible tell me the brand name i hav to try all ur recipes eager to do it..........

    1. Please check my oven post for more details about the oven I use.....

  4. ur popsicles are lovely and tasty,,,,,

  5. This popsicles are looking lovely... Nice clicks

  6. Wow... so tempting ones, both the icecreams and moulds. I have the same model mould but really u r colour selection is too good and attractive.. I tried this y'day. I came out good. The creamy texture, as per your idea added choco chips, really worked out. Must try best recipe. Thank you so much. I'm waiting....... for the Paal ice recipe...


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