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Mini Rava Idli Sambar - Kids Lunchbox Idea 39

Mini Rava Idli and Sambar
Mini Rava Idli can be a welcoming change to the usual mini idli sambar combo.I am sure most kids will like rava idli, I usually don't use eno / soda and still it comes out soft with curd and carrot in it.The recipe I posted for rava idli is with soda but amma usually skips that when we make at home, you can try that and see for your kids.

Mini Rava Idli and Sambar

Kids Lunch Box Idea39 - Mini Rava idli Sambar

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins
Recipe Category: Lunch | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Here is the lunch box menu for today:

Rava Idli
Mini Idli
Idli Sambar
Tiffin Sambar / Sambar


  1. I used my mini idli plate and steamed.I didnt grease the plates too but still it came out clean.Just sprinkle little water after the idlis are done then scoop it off with a spoon.
    How to make Jaljeera - Step1

My Notes:

  • You can make either tiffin sambar with a variety of vegetables like potato,carrot etc. Or make lunch sambar which will be easy to finish the lunch menu too.
  • If you dont have mini idli pot, then make regular idlis and cut them into pieces and pack it so that its easy for them to eat.
  • You can even add a tsp of ghee in sambar while packing which will be very flavourful.
  • You can even make tomato chutney which will be a great combo for rava idli.
Mini Rava Idli and Sambar

Written by: SHARMILEE J

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  1. Love the tiny idlis.... The setting is so nice. Love the captures.


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