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Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe
I saw Mayonnaise Sandwich in the menu card of a restaurant but didn't taste it.So the idea striked when I made homemade eggless mayo, I made this sandwich too.I wanted to make a healthy version of sandwich so chose the no toast option and hubby enjoyed it for breakfast.It is quick to make and sure a healthy alternate to the usual toast sandwich.This sandwich has no cheese but still is creamy and perfect for breakfast  / snack time.

Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

Mayo Sandwich Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Makes : 3 sandwiches
Recipe Category: Snack | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Bread - 6 slices
Cabbage - 1/4 grated
Carrot - 1/4 cup grated
Capsicum - 1/4 cup chopped
Mayonnaise - 1/2 cup
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Tomato Sauce - 1 heaped tsp
Salt - to taste

Spice powders:

Red Chilli Powder - 1/2 tsp
Roasted Jeera Powder - 1/2 tsp
Pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
Chat Masala Powder - 1/4 tsp


  1. Grate cabbage and carrot, chop capsicum into small cubes and get them ready.Transfer them to a mixing bowl and mix well.
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  2. Add all the spice powders along with salt,tomato sauce and lemon juice.
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  3. Whisk mayo well until its creamy, then measure 1/2 cup and add it to the vegetables.Mix well.Check and adjust salt.How to make Chapati Pizza - Step3
  4. Take a bread slice, spread the mayo veggie mixture generously, close with another slice of bread.Cut into diagonals and serve.If you want you can toast the bread.
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Serve immediately!
Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

My Notes:

  • You can use any salad vegetable of your choice.Else use boiled corn ,baby corn etc.
  • I wanted to make a healthy sandwich so did not toast them.You can either toast the bread slices then spread mayo else make the sandwich then toast it.
  • There can be a lot of variations with the veggies and spice mix.If you want add some chilli flakes and just oregano.
  • I used homemade mayonnaise, you can use store bought ones too.
  • If your homemade mayo has salt, then adjust while adding the veggies.
  • Serve immediately else it will become soggy.
Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Hii thete...i tried many times but my sandwitch doesnt come out as soft as we get in the restraunt ...any special tip to make dem soft n spongy??

    1. Do you mean toasted sandwich?! Sandwiches made in sandwich maker will be crisp at the edges n soft inside


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