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Idli Podi Toast / Podi Idli Toast - Kids LunchBox Recipes Idea33

Podi Idli
Idli Podi Toast is one of the regular lunchbox recipes that I send for mittu esp when I miss the alarm and wake up late or for those tiring mornings :P .This is no fancy recipe just cube the idlis and toss it in podi, oil and I never thought that I will be sharing this easy recipe as I made it just for my kids liking and started to pack for lunchbox too.On a casual chat session with my friends and neighbors when I told about this idli podi toast it was something very new to them and they came back saying the lunchbox returns empty when I send this and they insisted to post this idli podi toast recipe here with stepwise pictures so here is the post, atleast few who are new to this recipe might get benefited.This is easy for the kids to eat, so this is another podi idli recipe that you can pack for kids lunchbox.

When I pack idli podi toast I make sure to include fruits / veggies for her snack / lunchbox to make it wholesome.So here is what you see in the pic....Idli Podi Toast and Watermelon for lunchbox and Carrot for snacktime.
Podi Idli

Idli Podi Toast

Preparation Time : 24 hrs | Cooking Time : 15 mins
Recipe Category: Lunchbox | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Click the links below to get the full recipe with stepwise pictures

Here is the kids lunchbox idea 33:

Idli - 3
Idli Podi 1 / Idli Podi 2 /  MTR Style Idli Podi 3 - 1 tsp + 1 tsp
Gingelly Oil - 1 and 1/2 tsp
Ghee - 1/2 tsp
Podi Idli Recipe


  1. Make idlis and rest it atleast for 30mins.Then cut into small cubes,Set aside.Heat a pan / dosa tawa, drizzle oil when it starts to smoke add 1 tsp idli podi let it bubble.How to make Masala More - Step1
  2. Then add the idli cubes and toss it well so that the podi gets coated well.Sprinkle the remaining 1 tsp idli podi and toss it well.Add ghee, mix well and toast for a minute.
    How to make Masala More - Step2

My Notes:

  • Add gingelly oil(nalennai) which tastes best, it is good for health too.
  • Just for flavour ghee is added.
  • You can even use leftover idli to make this but as we are making for lunchbox for kids, I recommend making fresh idlis.
  • You can even refrigerate the fresh idlis for a while to make them stiff so that it doesnt crumble while crumble.
  • Do not cut the idlis when it is still hot / warm.Let it cool completely then start making cubes.
Podi Idli
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. hi sharmi three type of podi have to use ha

  2. I make this quite often by crumbling the idlis and also give a tadka.. Have it in my blog..

  3. Clever recipe and i really appreciate your intelligence in giving the tips as i do all blunders in a haste.Cooking needs patience and intelligence.


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