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Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe - How to make easy fried rice

Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe
Sprouts Fried Rice, makes a quick one pot meal, not much of chopping like the other fried rice recipes...easy to cook good to eat what more do you need?! I saw this recipe from a cookbook and have tried it once a year back but I as not pleased with the taste, guess I flopped it so was hesitant to try again.But now after trying quite a handful of fried rice recipes I was confident enough so tried this again now and this time it came out absolutely yummy that even the little one loved it.

Serve it along with gobi manchurian or baby corn manchurian.
Check out mushroom fried riceegg fried rice and veg fried rice recipes for more variations.

Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe 

Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: Chinese

Basmati rice - 1 cup
Green gram Sprouts - 1/2 cup
Cabbage - 1/4 cup tightly packed
Spring onions (white part) - 2 tsp finely chopped
Spring onions (green part) - 1 tbsp finely chopped
Garlic - 1/2 tbsp finely chopped
Capsicum - 2 tbsp chopped finely lengthwise
Soya Sauce - 1/4 tsp(optional)
Pepper powder - 1 tsp
Olive Oil / Cooking Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt - to taste

To grind to a paste(For Green Chilli Paste):

Green Chillies - 2 small
Ginger - 1/4 inch piece


  1. Get your sprouts ready.Cook with little water till sprouts turns slightly soft,reserve cooked water,Set aside.Soak basmati rice for 15mins then pressure cook for 3 whistles in medium flame in the ratio 1(rice):1.5(water) cups.Spread it in a plate and fluff it up with a fork add a tsp of oil and let it cool down.How to make Sprouts fried rice - Step1
  2. Grind green chillies along with ginger to a coarse paste.In a pan heat oil - add garlic,green chilli paste and sring onion white part saute for a minute till it turns golden brown.How to make Sprouts fried rice - Step2
  3. Then add cabbage and capsicum, fry till the veggies shrink and raw smell leaves.Then add pepper powder soya sauce and stir well in medium high flame.Then add cooked sprouts along with reserved water and keep sauteing for 3mins in high flame till all the moisture is gone.How to make Sprouts fried rice - Step3
  4. Then add spring onions green part and mix well.Add required salt, then cooked rice and mix well.Garnish with remaining spring onions.Switch it off.How to make Sprouts fried rice - Step4
Serve hot with your choice of side dish or any manchurian.
Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe

My Notes:

  • I reduced all the veggies as I wanted the sprouts flavour more.But don't skip spring onions as it gives a good amount of chinese flavour to the fried rice.
  • You can add 2 tbsp onion while sauteing the veggies.
  • I used little water only to cook sprouts and used the remaining water while adding sprouts.
  • Use freshly ground pepper for a great flavour.
  • Dont overcook sprouts, it should be crunchy enough to bite.
  • Sauteing the veggies in high flame gives a nice smoky flavour and also retains its crunchiness without the raw smell.
  • I soaked basmati rice for 15 mins then pressure cooked for 1:1.5 ratio(rice:water) for 3 whistles in medium low flame.
  • I dont use ajino motto, but if you prefer you can add a pinch of it at the final stage.
  • Make sure to fluff the rice and spread it with little olive oil to make the grains separate.Allow it to rest atleast for 30mins.
Sprouts Fried Rice Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. healthy rice.. so tasty and simple too

  2. Lovely pictures. I too love it a lot.

  3. Hi what brand basmathi rice do you use?

  4. Healthy, tasty and Colorful looking fried rice. Wonderfully prepared.

  5. Super sprouts rice dear.. Love the pic

  6. I have tried your veg fried rice recipe and its excellent. I will sure try this :) Nice clicks.


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