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Kids Lunch Box Menu3 - Phulka, Dal Tadka, Gobi Sabzi and Plain Rice

Phulka, Dal, Gobi Curry(Sabzi) and Plain Rice
I am just back from the trip to Chennai and I am finding it really hard to get back to routine... this is the main setback with trips and vacations....And to add on, kids are practicing for new year celebration in our apartment and am totally into it....Everytime I hear the beats downstairs, me and mittu rush to watch the kids rehearse for the song....:))

Now lets get into our  routine....This is a simple north indian lunch box menu that I clicked before leaving to Chennai...The menu has phulka, dal tadka, gobi sabzi and plain rice - one of my favorite lunch menus.

Note : I use Tupperware/Plastic containers just for pic sake as its colorful, but I am planning to pack for mittu only in stainless steel containers as I feel its more safe.

Phulka, Dal, Gobi Curry(Sabzi) and Plain Rice

Kids Lunch Box Menu3 - Phulka, Dal, Gobi Curry and Plain Rice

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 30 mins
Recipe Category: Lunch | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

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Here is the lunch box menu for today:

Dal Tadka
Gobi Sabzi
Plain Rice

Phulka, Dal, Gobi Curry(Sabzi) and Plain Rice

My Notes:

  • You can make chapathi/phulka dough the before night and store in a tupperware box to avoid color changing of the dough.Also the more resting time of the dough the more softer phulkas ou will get.
  • I usually store remaining chapathi dough in tupperware container and refrigerate it. And bring it to room temperature before rolling them into phulkas.
  • Remove the stem, chop cauliflower into bite sized pieces and store in a clean container before day itself.
  • Slightly grease phulka with ghee.
  • Make sure dal is little runny while packing as dal thickens with time.
Phulka, Dal, Gobi Curry(Sabzi) and Plain Rice

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Sharmi, Love your lunchbox series.. but pls tell me if they are practical for today's school kids.. Sending 4 boxes with roti, rice, dal and veggie is so impossible, for them to eat, simply bcos they dont have so much time. Plus, mixing dal and rice on their desk is messy, and liquids are difficult to carry in a packed school van... with a swinging lunch bag...

    I would really appreciate if you could give us boxes where food is in one / two boxes ( and pack more nutrition in them).. like multi protien rotis, stuffed with paneer, ( some ideas like that...) .. and can be eaten quickly in their 20 mins of break... My kids are 8 and 5, pls help!

    1. I can understand ur plight....I am planning to post more such recipes too just with 1 main course and a veggie but I have few mothers who ask for such spread too as kids always want variety.....Usually here lunch breaks are mostly 40mins and I think 2 phulkas and a cup of rice with veggie is a nominal meal for a kid to eat in that time...

      Dal isnt that runny to spill over...but still I find spillffree containers available in markets..

      But I will surely consider ur request too and post easy and quick to eat recipes in the coming days...keep watching!

    2. Hi Sharmi,
      Even I kind of thought that way. This fits more for adult lunch boxes than kids lunch boxes. I would prefer mixing dal and rice and pack it in a little runny consistency(as it can thicken by lunch time). This way, small kids who can't handle mixing rice n dal can eat it easily. Also, can pack some additional dal for roti/phulka if needed in addition to gobi curry. I would say that your first post of peas pulav and gobi fry with some curd is a perfect lunch box for a small kid. Nevertheless, you're just doing an amazing job overall in sharmispassions which is highly appreciated and please keep these coming. Waiting for your new year surprise. Would like to see more pics on shamiclicks. I understand the difficulty in running P365 but these days, I haven't seen any pics there. Would like to see some random pics there too as you're an amazing photographer, cook and a blogger friend.

    3. Thank you for the suggestion....! :)
      This is just my idea of a lunch box spread.Feel free to modify it according to your kids liking and preference.

      I am planning to post easy quick to eat recipes in future.So stay tuned :)

      And reg P365, it needs lot of dedication and time to do it, am not able to take it up this year too....But sure will try to post random pics in sharmiclicks every now and then.Thanks so much for the compliments!!


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