Saturday, June 15, 2013

Food & Travel : Kotagiri - Part 2


We didnt have much plans on the last day as we planned to drive down to CBE for lunch. There were 2 main parks called Nehru and Pandiraj Park..As it was raining the the previous day we planned to visit there before we packed home.


We could only visit Pandiraj Memorial Park as it again started raining and it was time for us to drive downhill too.All the colorful flowers here were captured in that park.I didnt leave my camera to rest, it was soo beautiful!


Can you believe this is the sight at 10AM in the morning...yes mists covered everywhere which was a beautiful sight to watch.



Then headed straight towards Orange Peko to have our breakfast. It was a simple breakfast as the menu was limited there.We had egg omlette,idli with sambar chutney , half boil and coffee.


The hotel has a small coffee shop too which says its open 24X7.

Idli was not very soft but pretty much edible when dunken in sambar and chutney :) Mittu had idli too.
The coffee was very good...when I said lite coffee (as mittu wanted to have her sip too) they served the coffee with separate decotion so we made the coffee as per our liking and enjoyed it. Mittu loved it too!

The Pandiraj park had a small playarea and while mittu was busy playing, I was busy clicking :) It was a wonderful sight to watch without batting an eye so did my lens too :)

And from there we started our journey back to CBE waving bye to Kotagiri. We found the uphill journey long, but while returning back it took only 2.5 hrs. We reached CBE around 1:30PM , lunched at Anjappar and reached home.
To wrap up, it was a wonderful trip though a short one. If you are planning to relax in a quiet place with a nice weather then kotagiri is just for you!


Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. awesome sharmi I can see you had a great and relaxing weekend and your photos took me to kotagiri for a while :-)

  2. awesome click ~ tempt to visite kothagiri !

  3. awesome in love this place already :-)

  4. Oh lovely, those flowers too didn't want to miss being clicked by you!!!

  5. after going through your food& travel, I really hats off to you for your deep involvement in photo,cooking and equally in travel enjoying the real nature.
    GOD bless you and your family for all your deeds.
    I am V Jayabal aged 67, (Retired Railway officer)and native of Nilgiris, a part of which you have focused beautifully.

  6. Awesome clicks :) what is the right time to visit this place?

  7. Why did you stop writing on this segment. Great piece of article.. Write more!!

  8. Sharmi, you have explained about Kotagiri such a beautiful way, even people know this before also can see in your view point, its adds more beauty to Kotagiri. Yes u never missed anything there, all special and unique beauties are captured by you and your camera. Your writing makes me to plan a trip soon. Next time without fail visit Doddabetta, surely you will love the scenery so much. The clouds passing us on the top is really a cool experience. You can try once Valparai - Mudis Estates too. Your are a really enjoying 100 % in everything you are doing, in cooking, inventing new dishes, clicking photos, visiting a place and explaining about it in writing.... u r taking us with you to feel the everything, every moment. Thank you Sharmi for sharing such a beautiful experience with us. Visit more places and explore more about our Indian Beauties. If u have time in summer please visit Karnataka too. Here we have lots of places, Kumki movie special Joke falls is a seasonal place like that so many falls... Gagan sukki, Bagar sukki, ( namma oru monkey falls bigger version... most of the Kamal movie songs shooting spot), Mel kottai Chella pillai Vishnu temple, Chamundi Hills,Mainly Bandipur National Park- u can stay in Jungle Lodge and enjoy super trips inside the forests, if Mittu likes animals & birds, best place for Photography, Chenna Patana - Famous wooden toys - especially rocking horse in wooden, Cooroge with full home stay with cook - such a homely food in a separate home, Little Budda down hills - a complete Budda living near Coorg, Many National Parks with Stay package - Kabini, Nagarhole, etc.... or kids favorite Wonderlaa - Many theme parks, Lots of Tippu Sultan place and forts, Mysore Zoo, Mysore Palace & many more..... Love to see your Food & travel more and more. I know Gugu is kutti bayan and little difficult now


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