Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mosambi Orange Juice Recipe | Sweet Lime Juice

Mosambi Orange Juice Recipe
Mosambi / Sweet Lime juice is one of the juices I've relished from my childhood days. As I've already posted orange juice recipe I came up with this combo juice.....very refreshing for this summer.
Mosambi Orange Juice Recipe

Mosambi Orange Juice Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Makes : 1 cup
Recipe Category: Juice | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Mosambi(Sweet Lime) - 4
Orange - 1 small
Sugar - as per taste
Lemon - 1/2
Icecubes - few


  1. Squeeze lemon juice then add sugar give a quick stir then add sugar cubes. If you prefer dilute it with little water. I didnt just the ice cubes were enough to dilute them :)
    How to make mosambi juice - Step2
  2. Squeeze juice from mosambi, discard the seeds. Take orange juice and mix it with mosambi juice.
    How to make mosambi juice - Step1
Serve with lots of icecubes and enjoy the juice!
Mosambi Orange Juice Recipe

My Notes:

  • Adding lemon juice is purely your preference.
  • There is no rule or exact measure for mixing, you can make it as per your taste preference.
  • You can substitute 1/4 cup of tang for orange juice.
  • You can even add soda to make a fizz.
Mosambi Orange Juice Recipe

Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. It's Really Very refreshing.....Same way I also do

  2. Refreshing and tempting juice.. lovely shots too !!

  3. my mouth watering looking at the clicks...

  4. Refreshing juice and clicks too!

  5. very refreshing..never tried with Orange before.. looks very tempting

  6. Prefect summer cooler,very refreshing.

  7. My thirst has been quenched just by looking at the refreshing juice ! Lovely pic!


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