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Chewy Dates and Biscuit Bars

I happened to try these tasty and simple bars long back.This has been in my drafts for so long....and finally posting it for one of my readers who mailed me asking for what is the third pic in my banner......:) So here it is for u.....These set of pics are again one of my pers favs :)
Dates Biscuit Bars
The below measurement yieded me about 8 small squares.
NOTE : I didnt piece the biscuits, as I was doubtful whether it wud be difficult to combine so I made a coarse powder out of it. Here goes the recipe with my minor modifications:


  • Dates - roundly 10-12 chopped into small pieces.
    I blended them , chopping is fine too

  • Elachi powdered - 1/2 tsp [optional]
  • Marie Biscuits - 4 coarsely powdered
  • Ghee - 1 tsp + a little for greasing
  • Polythene sheet [I used milk cover]
Dates Biscuit Bars
  1. Heat 1tsp of ghee in a pan and add the blended dates. Stir it continuosly, try to do this in low flame. After abt 2-3 mins the dates would have become soft and it will look stickier.

  2. Switch off at this stage, stir in the powdered biscuits, powdered elachi and mix well till all is combined well.

  3. Spread the polythene sheet on a plate and add a few drops of ghee on it to grease.

  4. Transfer the mixture to one half of the sheet, fold the other half and press to flatten them. Refrigerate it for an hr to set and for the bars to be firm.

  5. After an hr the bars would be perfect to be cut, now cut them with a sharp knife into small squares or ur desired shape.
These are quick bars which were chewy and tasty........Am sure kids wud luv it...cant stop with one bite!

Store them in air tight container, this keeps well for 2 days. Am not sure whether this wud last even longer, I cud test it only for 2 days by the time it got over :)
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. Superb and yummy...great pics too!!

  2. Hy Sharmi,

    Superb dear...looks so delicious...I have bookmarked this recipe...thanks for sharing this awesome recepe.

  3. Wow, looks so yummy!!! Feel like grabbing over some!!! ;)

  4. wow!! that looks delicious. Nice click...

  5. what a healthy, and easy treat! im wondering if i could get aways with using oil instead of ghee?

  6. Very healthy bars ..looks absolutely tempting with ur wonderful clicks shabs..


  7. @Veggie Belly : Yes u can very well use oil instead of ghee...becos with these bars I had used ghee mainly for greasing and for that oily texture, not to enhance any taste :)

  8. Wonderful idea.. looks soo tempting dear!!

  9. Sounds so simple and very healthy one ...I rarely buy dates...will try sometime :)

  10. Wat a healthy bars Sharmi..looks utterly delicious..

  11. sounds simple and very healthy dear..
    Thx. for sharing :-)
    Nice clicks..

  12. Brilliant dessert which looks healthy and is super-duper easy! Wow Wow Wow for the bars. They look amazing!

  13. that's a nice healthy treat, looks perfect and appetizing!!!

  14. wow this is so east to prepare and so yummy..
    i love dates and they are so healthy

  15. Yaay.. so good to see them here. Thanks Sharmi for trying, posting and letting me know! :)
    They look awesome.

  16. One of the pantry staple, very simple nutritous bar!

  17. Hi Sharmilee..
    First time here..Reached from Tina(Kaipunyam)..Yummy space you are hosting here...Love it...

    Do check us out when you get time @

    Kairali sisters

  18. Dates biscuits is unusual, sounds good!!

  19. Very interesting and simple to make bars! Love it!

  20. Wish I could garb a slice or two :-) yummm

  21. These bars look so good...thanks for sharing such a yummy recipe:)

  22. Hi Sharmi..
    looks yummy and easy..very new to me !!

  23. Very healthy and yummy looking bars Sharmi...
    Nice clicks

    Hamaree Rasoi

  24. Hi Sharmile,

    thank you for visiting my blog. You have some great clicks and interesting recipes. I am following you.smiles.

  25. Date bar looks mouthwatering, moist and yummy. Good one to try!:)

  26. Nic eidea and wonderful recdipe and beautiful pic.s

  27. Looks delicious and sounds easy to prepare..will surely try it..

    First time here and enjoyed the stay will peek in often...

  28. Looks great . First time here . Enjoyed going through your recipes and loved your posts on food photography.

    Will be back for more :)

  29. Ohh they look soo yumm...first time here.
    Cool klicks as well.

  30. wow.. really looks awesome.. first time here and u have a great collection of recipes.. following you

  31. Hey Sharmilee...
    thanks for visiting my blog. this recipe is so tempting.
    would love to follow your blog.

  32. Sharmi,

    Chewy dates and biscuit bars are cute and yummy.

  33. Dates are super healthy too! Love the recipe:)

  34. மிகவும் அருமையாக இருக்கின்றது...வாழ்த்துகள்...

  35. they look yummy and delcious...nice clicks

    first time here...u have a lovely space...just started blogging..and love to add u in my list..
    ur comments/suggestions r highly appreciated..happy blogging...following u>>>>>>


  36. You are great..
    I love all your recipes and clicks too.
    Great job.
    Have book marked many of ur recipes.
    And today planning for carrot peas paratha.
    Keep posting.
    Thanks for all ur posts.

  37. ur recipes r too gud....even my 7 yr old daughter loves dem.....evn she trid out d recipies wid me....truly loveable...


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