Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For a recipe to attract you....

Have you ever thought of what 5 things that a recipe needs to attract you that you immediately want to try it out? Now its the time....think and write in ur comments....!

Let me start first....To me :
1. The click of the picture ofcourse comes first in place
2. Ingredients - It should be easy to get or already there in my kitchen and how healthy the ingredients are....
3. The labour and time needed to prepare the dish....but if the pic is too tempting I wudnt mind doing it even if its a lengthy process :)
4. Innovativeness - If I've not heard of the dish and its tempting then I wud go for it.
5. And finally the presentation and color of the dish.

Would luv to hear urs too...Come on, Pour in!
Written by: SHARMILEE J


  1. That is so true..Agree with you 100 %..

  2. True.I too agree with you. You've covered all the points, so there's nothing for me to add:)

  3. yeah picture is the first thing I see. if the presentation is good, then the picture will also be good :)

    next I see if it is my kinda recipe.. i am really not interested in other international cuisines.. i love only Indian food.

  4. Nice! I agree with you too! But I am contrary to you in point #3. Even if the picture is so tempting, I never take up the long process involved in it! I am a little lazy to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Ha ha ha!

    Thanks for dropping by and following me too! So sweet of you! I like your beautiful template.

  5. you have pretty much covered everything, but sometimes your craving also helps in deciding for a might be craving for potato wedges and you see this yummy recipe for aloo bonda..sometimes that gets to you and you wanna have aloo bonda with some nice hot tea!

    Lets not foget the wonderful descriptions that some bloggers give for their dishes..that just makes you wanna try it then and there!


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